A Fat Joe Favorite...The Grease & Weasel

The Love Shack

It is always nice to see something you like be enjoyed by other people. It is also a good thing when something you recommend is then recommended by someone or something else that reaffirms what you’ve been telling people.

I was very happy to see The Love Shack featured in a recent Houston Chronicle Article. Joe and his crew deserve all the good press they get. His innovative menu and the quality food he serves should be showcased whenever possible.

The two times I have been to that “Little Ol Shack” on Cypress-Rose Hill were lots-o-fun. The people are as friendly as can be and the food is hands down some of the best this Fat Guy has ever inhaled. It is easy to see Joe loves what he’s doing because it comes through in every delicious bite.

The two burgers I’ve been able to enjoy so far are the Grease & Weasel, an incredible bacon cheese burger sandwiched between two warm honey buns, and the Billy Bob Nguyen, Asian fusion brisket topped off with Cheetos. Both are delicious-on-steroids and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. The Grease & Weasel is listed in Fat Joes Burger Favorites.

The sides to compliment these are out of this world good too. The sweet potato fries are a salty-cinnamony delight and the regular fries and onion strings are tasty and add another demionsion to your meal.

It is obvious that Joe has a winner here and his attention to details with his food, from the freshness of the meat, the home-grown veggies, the unique cheeses, to his wild-man menu ideas, makes any trip to The Love Shack worth wherever distance you may have to travel from to get there.

So, go visit and enjoy….and remind Joe who wrote him up first……

The Love Shack**16602 Cypress-Rose Hill**Cypress, Tx


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