Sometimes it is best to keep it simple….don’t over think…..just leave well enough alone, so to speak…

When it comes to Chesseburgers there are a bazillion variations.  Some work and you say, “Why didn’t I think of this?”, and some don’t and you say, “Ewwww….what were they thinking?”

It is easy to see from my Favorites List of Burgers that I enjoy some very  unique combinations as well as the basic every day Cheeseburger.

And on that note….I give you Hyde’s Cafe in Old Town Spring.  Tucked away off the main road in Old Town is this “joint” and I use that word with the utmost affection.  It sits next to the railroad tracks and character oozes from each and every board and nail that is Hyde’s Cafe.

Decorated with countless do-dads, licsens plates, signs, pictures and even some barbed-wire hangs from the walls…You can spend hours looking and laughing and still not see everything they have.  I always find something new each and every time I’m there and what’s strange is that I don’t think they’ve added anything to the walls in 20 years…..

They also pride themselves in not being “McDonalds”…in fact they tell you (there’s a sign behind the counter) if you’re not willing to wait and you’re gonna whine about how long your order may take….then hit the road…..and don’t let the door hit you on the hiney on the way out…

But back to the Cheeseburger….it’s as simple and as basic as they come….no frills, no strange combos….just your everyday ordinary good ol’ fashion Cheeseburger.  But that’s what makes it unique in its own very special way.   It is simplicity perfected…

Fresh buns, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo (either or both) , tasty cheese (I hold the onions)  and a juicy off the flat top piece of meat that is as good as they come.  It is good from the first to the very last bite.  Just down-home goodness like your daddy use to do on the grill in the backyard…

The fries are golden and crispy and if you  top the whole thing off with a  root beer  life is very good.

I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t good….the bbq, the chili cheeseburger, chicken fried steak sandwich, grilled cheese or the pecan pie.  It’s all good…..

So, the next time you find yourself in Old Town Spring…..get off the main road and find Hyde’s Cafe….and keep it simple…..well….I won’t call you that….


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