Well it was another Saturday morning and Fat Joe was ready to eat…

One of my favorite breakfast spots is a little place in Houston located on FM1960…Belle’s Kitchen.  It is a wonderful little country kitchen sitting on the corner of a strip center on 1960 not far from TC Jester.

Their motto is “Come eat great food with quality service”.  That is exactly what they offer….great food and nice friendly people to serve it to you.  It is clean and  decorated with checkered table cloths and that grandma’s kitchen smell coming from the grill in the back.  I have enjoy Belle’s Kitchen for about three years and have never had a bad breakfast there.

In fact there was one Saturday morning that my wife and I had come back from a trip to the Hill Country and had just had some Chicken Fried Bacon at another one of Fat Joe’s Favorites (The 620 Cafe in Round Rock).  We mentioned this to Belle and in just a few magical moments she appeared with……what do you think?  I still think Chicken Fried Bacon should be on every menu in the world….but I think Belle’s would do it proud if she offered it as a regular item.  Just goes to prove that the staff at Belle’s will do whatever you want to make you happy……

On this particular Saturday morning I was in the mood for some biscuit and gravy….There are two ways to order this at Belle’s Kitchen….one is as it’s own main course….the other, is in a breakfast choice called The Chunky…..a homemade biscuit smothered in sausage gravy, two eggs with the choice of home fries or grits.  I went with The Chunky, eggs over easy and home fries….a wonderful choice if I do say so myself.

The waitress brought me my coffee….nice and strong and I enjoyed reading from my IPAD (Valley Forge by Newt Gingrich & William Forstchen) and waited for my Chunky to arrive…An older couple stopped by my table asking if I liked reading books from the IPAD….I said I thought it was great and they said they were thinking about getting a Kindle….I told them I thought they would enjoy that and as they were walking away the waitress showed up with my food…

Now the only complaint I may have about this wonderful breakfast is the gravy isn’t quite sausage-y enough for me…..but the biscuit is to die for.  My granny would have been jealous of this biscuit…..Belle should have a wall full of blue ribbons for her biscuits.  Light, fluffy and melt in your mouth good.  I’ve always imagined these biscuits as like those served by a guy named Cookie somewhere along a cattle trail….

The eggs and home fries are very good as well….and as I finished off the last of the biscuit I swirled the leftover gravy into what was left of my eggs and homefries for a messy delight that any true Texan would have been proud of.  I scraped my plate clean….I doubt it needed washing when they took it to the back. 

 I would more than recommend Belle’s Kitchen for a breakfast treat.  It’s bright, clean and you’re always greeted by a smiling face.  The food is down home good and Belle and her group are there to make you happy. They have a varied menu and are also opened for lunch and dinner. 

So, the next time that Breakfast Belle is ringing in your tummy……give Belle’s Kitchen a shot…..

It makes Fat Joe smile….what more do you need??


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