There aren’t too many places that I’ll go to once and decide to never go back. Usually you figure that you’ve just caught someone on an off night and that given another opprotunity….they’ll show you a different story the next time around.

Well, we went to a place over the weekend that as we were leaving my wife used the phrase…”This place is one and done.” And I hate to agree but yeah….it was a one time thing….

The corner of Louetta and I45 has always (or at least as long as I’ve been around) had a Walmart with a parking lot full of fast food places….then Rudy’s BBQ showed up and not too long ago we got a Cheddar’s…..now along with all of these we have a Furr’s, a Panera’s and the one we tried Juan & Lefty’s

Walking in you would think Juan & Lefty’s is not unlike one of the many 100’s of Mexican Food spots we have in the Houston area….We found our friends that we were meeting and sat. I was impressed that along with the usual chips and salsa they added a bean-type dip to your table which was pretty good.

So far….so…..good….

We got our menus…..my wife’s was dirty and the kids menu was pretty limited (four items)…….for a brand new place….these things could have just been things needing to be worked out….but it seemed to just be the beginning of what was to come.

I found a Mexican styled cheeseburger and ordered it without the guacamole (not a fan of the green slimy stuff) and waited for it to arrive.

As it arrived and I sunk my teeth into it….it was soon clear that this was “Burger-Average“….the bread was a sourdough bun that had a sweet kick to it…..but that’s where the really good part of this burger ended…..the meat was over cooked and the taste was less than this Fat Guy enjoys…it wasn’t that it was horrible….just wasn’t very good.

Now the side of deep-fried jalapenos was very tasty and did set my nose to running…..

If I don’t finish a burger….it ain’t good…..

As I looked around the table…nobody’s plate had been cleaned…..and as the waitress asked if we needed to-go boxes….we all declined…it was at this point my wife turned to me and said, “This place is one and done…..” At the time I though that a bit harsh but with time to reflect on what we had eaten and how average it had been….I think I now agree…

We are blessed in H-town with so many great Tex-Mex spots to enjoy and when one comes along that just isn’t up to par….we have many many more to choose from…

What was interesting was the next night I was talking to a friend and had mentioned Juan & Lefty’s…..he said about the same things we had all said after dinner that Friday night….just not that great….no reason to go back….

So, not all is rosy in Fat Joe-Land….sometimes things just don’t work out…..and yes….Juan is Done…..

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