Just like Dad

Did i mention the Boudin Balls?

In my quest to seek out new life and new civilizations……oh wait….that’s not me…..

Let’s try that one again….In my quest to seek out really really good breakfasts, burgers, & bbq….I will ask and answer the question…..”Is there such a thing as….to far to go?”….

Simple answer…..”Heck no!!!”

On a recent recommendation from a fellow teacher my quest this week took me from Spring through Tomball into Rose-Hill….a good little venture to get a burger…..but there is no venture too great when one has a mission to fulfill…..right?

The Tail Gate Grill was where we were headed…I was told it was a great burger joint with killer fries and to-die-for onion rings….so….like Capain Kirk or Picard or even Janeway…..the crew (my wife) and I went to where no man has gone before…. sorry…..just got carried away…..cuz when we got there, the parking lot was full…..so I guess other people have been there….duh…

We quickly found out that they don’t take plastic so back into the Star Ship we climbed and made our way to the nearest ATM…..having secured the proper funds we made our way back and docked the ship.

We stepped up to the window to order and made our selections…..the wife decided on the Mushroom Swiss Burger (hold the tomato and mustard) with onion rings…..I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger (hold the onions) with french fries….we then noticed…..a wonderful….surprise…..under the Appetizers and Munchies section of the menu board…..Boudin Balls…..you realize that I hail from the coonass capital of Texas….(Port Arthur)….we have Boudin baby food…..a three coarse meal for us is….Boudin, a sleeve of crackers and a Moon Pie…..with a Big Red chaser…..

I was all over those Boudin Balls….I was lovin’ this place already and I hadn’t taken a single bite yet….

We found our table, it’s all outdoor seating but there are fans and a cooling system that pipes cool air throughout….they have decorated the dining area with old signs and unique items like a saddle light that hangs from the ceiling and antlers nailed up all over the place…..

Our food arrived rather quickly and it looked and smelled delicious…..big burgers, golden fries and onion rings and those boudin balls….oh my gosh….the balls….

That is where I went first……cutting open the deep-fried boudin and dipping it into some ranch dressing….again….let me state…..I grew up with boudin in my baby bottle…..so when it comes to boudin…..I know what’s good and what’s….not…..this is good….my old Uncle Thibideaux would have sold all the old appliances in his yard for some of these boudin balls….

The wife looked at me wiping the drool from my mouth and said…”You know….two of those are mine….” (order is 4 balls)

Knowing better than to fight that fight, I then went to my bacon cheeseburger….My co-worker (btw her name is Lucy) was right…a good old-fashioned cheeseburger……fresh buns, fresh veggies, crispy bacon, hot melty cheese and a meat patty that tastes like it came off the backyard grill…..anytime a burger can spark those memories of your Dad firing up the grill in the backyard…well my friends, it doesn’t get much better than that….with every bite I could taste my childhood and those wonderful experiences with the family cooking out…..

The fries were very good…..but as you know I’m not much of an onion ring guy….so you’ll have to ask the wife about those…..

We did decide that burgers, fries, onion rings and boudin balls was a little too much to bite off…..

But it didn’t end there…..when the owner, Nicole San Felipe stopped by our table to see how everything was, I mentioned how much I loved the boudin balls….she said that if I thought those were good we needed to try her Bottlecaps (sliced lightly breaded fried jalapenos)….and to prove her point she showed up with a basket-o-bottlecaps a few minutes later…..they were delicious…however I didn’t have very many as the wife…..attacked them and like a transporter beam…..they were there and suddenly they vanished….

Nicole and her husband, Larry have a great little place there on 2920…..I could tell by talking with Nicole she is one of those people who really enjoys cooking for other people and enjoys seeing their reactions when they taste what she’s created….She told us that on Friday nights they serve catfish and she made it sound so good I think there will be a Friday night Trek very soon back to the Tail Gate….she also mentioned a ginormous chicken fried steak with all the trimmings served on Wednesday’s…..

The food is moderately priced and I dare say you won’t leave hungry…..they have a nice beer selection and the ice tea is tasty…

The Tail Gate Grill, Tomball

So, what can we draw from this episode of Star Trek ….The Wrath of Fat Joe…..there is no journey too great to seek out that which is good to eat…..you should boldly go where others (especially those named Lucy) have gone before….

Life is way too short not to enjoy no matter how far you have to travel….

The Tail Gate Grill*22008 Main Blvd (2920) Rosehill Tomball

Outdoors but its still cool

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