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To be very honest, I’m not sure when I first saw Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network… but I do know that it only took one episode for me to be hooked….or as Guy Fieri would say, “Off the hook”….

Guy is da man as far as Fat Joe is concerned…there are a couple close seconds, Bobby Flay (Throw Down With Bobby Flay) and Adam Richman (Man Vs. Food)…but Guy is the guru on the top of the mountain….

I so want Guy’s job…not the chef and restaurant owner part but the Triple D part….going to little funky out of the way joints and eating the best they have to offer…and then telling the rest of the world all about ’em…

It was very early on in my Triple D obsession that I decided I wanted to visit each and every place Guy featured on the show….knowing that a nation-wide adventure might be biting off more than I could chew (haha…pun inteneded)…I decided to begin with enjoying all the spots in our Great State….as of this date Triple D has been to 31 different places in Texas…I have been to 17…

It looks like I’ve fallen a little behind…but to my defense, I have sorta ventured out and found some of my own Diners, Drive-ins & Dives…but mark my words….Fat Joe will eat in every one of the places Guy has been to.

I think my very first place to check out was….The Chef Point Cafe in Watuaga, Tx. This is 5 Star food in a Conoco gas station…

And so…the journey began….

Soon after Chef Point, I hit Louie Mueller’s BBQ in Taylor, The Hullabaloo Diner in College Station, and The Green Mesquite in Austin.

There have been many wonderful meals and experiences with each new place….some very unusual and unique spots on the Triple D map…I’ve eaten in a gas station, a car wash, and an old 50’s diner….I’ve had great burgers (beef, lamb & buffalo), great bbq, great deli sandwiches and a killer chicken fried steak…I’ve eaten Greek, Mexican, English, and Mediterranean….

The best places have been, The Tip Top (chicken fried steak) in San Antonio, The Red Lion Pub (shepard’s pie) in Houston, Bob’s Taco Station(carne gulsada) in Rosenberg, and The Green Mesquite (brisket & sausage) in Austin..

There really hasn’t been a bad spot…we have been to Cafe Pita in Houston two or three times as well as return trips to Niko Nikos in Houston ….If you like Greek or Mediterranean, Fat Joe loves both of these places…

Some other honorable mentions are Lankford Grocery in Houston, The Cove in San Antonio, The Hullabaloo Diner in College Station and Kenny & Ziggy’s (by far the most expensive) in Houston.

It looks like I have some catching up to do….a trip to San Antonio this summer seems to be in order as Guy has stopped at a few new places there….one in particular has caught my interest…the Magnolia Pancake Haus sounds like a great breakfast spot….

Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff I write…..I hope we can take this trip through Triple D land together and find some of our own funky joints along the way….



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