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As I said in yesterday’s posting I have made 17 of the 31 Diners, Drive-ins & Divesdestinations in Texas…

The one I’d like to tell you about today is The Red Lion Pub in Houston…

A few years ago we got to go to London and I had been cautioned about English food…some said it was rather boring and not up to par with the rest of the European faire….I did not find this to be true….now I haven’t traveled extensively in Europe, but I enjoyed what we ate in London….especially the Pub Food….

Well, deep in the heart of H-town…there is a little English pub that until I saw it on Triple D…..I didn’t know it was even there….The Red Lion Pub has brought a bit of Ol’ England to Texas….

We drove down around 11:30ish A.M.on a Saturday hoping to beat the lunch time crowd…we got there and sure enough it was like we had stepped back into a pub off of Trafalgar Square…and when the waitress asked where we’d like to sit and she had an English accent….I got goose bumps….(not really….)but it was pretty dang cool….

Nice big room with a well stocked bar….booths with leather seats as well as tables here and there make for an inviting atmosphere….the TV’s were tuned to…what else…soccer…and I believe Manchester South was beating Queensbury 3-2…(actually I have no idea if those are even real places, much less if they have soccer teams…)

We sat in a booth and got our menus….I had seen on Triple D that The Red Lion offered an eclectic menu….some very unusual items…..now you know that I love the unusual….so….this was a very good thing…

What I was there for was the shepard’s pie….A traditional English dish….made with lamb, vegetables, lots of butter, and mash potatos…I had had one or two shepard’s pie in England and loved it….so when I saw them make this on Triple D….it was like a beacon in the night calling me….

The wife ordered Fish-n-Chips….another good old English basic….

As we waited I searched for Guy’s signature spray painting that he leaves at every place he goes…sure enough I found it….it’s kinda like his seal of approval….find that in a restaurant and you know…they’re doing it right…

When we got our food I could tell that I was gonna have to wait a bit before I tore into my dish….the steam coming off my shepard’s pie was enough to give me a facial…so I snuck a chip or two off the wife’s plate and I must say they were very very good….I really had to go into stealth mode to sneak some of the fish….(not really….she’s really very nice and of the two of us she would be more likely to share than I would…just makes for a better story to tell on her)….the fish was incridible….even if I did lose a finger or two trying to steal some….

I finally picked up my fork and sliced into my pie and the smell was enough to make my mouth water….and that first bite was…..perfect….the potatos were creamy, cheesey and buttery, the veggies were delicious and the lamb was cooked and seasoned beyond what King Henry VIII ever tasted….

Every bite was better than then one before and it was one of those….I wanted to lick my plate clean…moments…but I got the look that says….”Don’t even think about it….”

After using my fork to scrape off what I could from the plate we decided to split a desert…we selected a bread pudding and ate ourselves in to oblivion…even though we were full from our wonderful lunches we had to finish our desert….was good to the last bite…

The Red Lion Pub is a little slice of Jolly Old England right here in our town….the food is great and the atmosphere rivals any pub across the big pond…..Now it isn’t cheap….but sometimes you spend a little extra to enjoy incredible eats…..its worth each and every pound….


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