Beautiful Day...

Little Bigs Sliders.

Beautiful blue skies….the sun beaming down…warm but not hot….a cool breeze sifting by keeping you relatively cool on a Saturday afternoon….seats along the third base line….what more could one ask for…..the perfect day for America’s Past Time….

Oh….did I mention it was the Astros vs. the Mets…the beautiful baseball day tainted by the fact that the two teams involved were battling  not to be in last place in their relative divisions….what drama….what intensity……what a bunch of …..(insert word of your choice here)…..

But I was spending the day with family and friends…the setting was delightful and who knows….maybe the home team might just pull one out…..hope springs eternal…..right???

On my way to section 105 I passed what I really wanted to check out besides the $100,000,000 worth of baseball talent that was about to be on display for my viewing pleasure…(sorry about the gagging)…..In section 109 was….a Little Bigs burger stand…..this was another recommendation from a co-worker (who will go nameless except for….Roger)…I slowed as I passed the wonderful smells wafting through the air on my way to my seat…I was making my way to my seat first as I had gotten separated from the group and wanted to make sure everyone got to the right seats before I plunked down my $$ for some of Little Bigs famous sliders….

Little Bigs is a Burger/Wine joint at 2703 Montrose in Houston….voted as one of Bon Appetit’s 10 Best New Burger Spots in the USA….I had heard about this place from other friends and was happy that I was finally going to get an opporotunity to give them a try….

After making sure the group was  all together and in the right spot I, along with The Wife and Ol’ Moma (more on Ol’ Moma in a later blog) shuffled off to go and secure food before the first pitch…..I knew exactly where I was headed and it seemed Ol’ Moma was making her way to the hot dog line….The Wife, however, was doing what she is famous for… being very indecisive about what to get….restaurant ordering with The Wife can be a week-long ordeal and today, deep in the bowels of Minute Maid Park was not going to be any different….she waffeled between the hot dogs, the sliders and anything else that was within a 700 yard radius….after a while I gave up trying to “help” with her decision and moved into the line to order my Little Bigs sliders….

I gazed up at the menu board and was glad I  had taken a 2nd mortgage out on the house before heading to the old ball park….there are two basic choices….beef sliders and pork sliders….both of which come with either caramelized onions and or cheese…..I went with the beef , with cheese and even though I’m not a big onion guy I ordered the onions….now mind you I refrained from the bag of chips and just bought a diet coke to wash down my three little burgers (a slider is simply a little bitty hamburger, usually served in threes…..think of White Castle ….of which Fat Joe is not a fan)…..

The order of sliders and the coke were $15.50….now Fat Joe would like to take a moment to state that prices at the ballgame for concessions have gotten…beyond “out-of-hand”…..I know these owners have to pay these guys for….and in the case of both the Astros and Mets….overpay these guys…..to play baseball football, basketball (those are the three sport-groups right?)…but O-M-G, it is horrible….I think that is another reason, besides not-so-good baseball, that the park was only about 1/2 full….

Sorry, off my soap box….but I bet there was more than one or two “Amen Fat Joe” ‘ s out there…..

Back to the sliders….I thought they were very good…..I think I should have gotten one without onions so I could have compared….but they were very good….usually at the game I am a hot dog kinda guy….just the weenie and the bun…naked dog time….but this was a very good alternative to that…..and since I had blown the family savings on my sliders and diet coke ….there was no more money for a hot dog anyway….

The buns are toasted and have that little crunch when you bite into them….the meat is juicy and fresh off the grill….the cheese is tasty and the caramelized onions are very good (for onions)…..and being  that they are small burgers, they were very easy to eat at the ballpark…

I didn’t try the pork but it looked very good…..it seemed to be a pulled pork…. next time Ol’ Moma wants to go to a game I’ll try the pork sliders and let you know….

I would recommend a trip to section 109 and give these “gold-filled” burgers…(not really…just priced that way)…a shot….I would even recommend a trip to Little Bigs on Montrose….it isn’t very far from Lankford’s Market a Triple D stop….. Lankford’s is famous for having a floor that if you aren’t holding on to your table you might slide away from your table….as well as some of the best home-made food in Houston….I’ve been told their breakfasts are to die for and I can vouch for the chili cheeseburger as one of the best I’ve ever had…

All in all it was a good day at the ballpark….we got to see Carlos Lee get his 2000 hit……we saw Carlos along with two other Astros hit homers…..and we saw the home team take a 7-3 victory….

Good family and friends…..good weather…..good seats…..your team wins…..that’s worth an entire paycheck……right????


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