Friday Night Feast

Well, it was Friday afternoon and we were waiting on  Moma to arrive from the Southeast Texas….

It had taken a lot to convince her that old Uncle Thibideaux would check on her opossum traps and that he could be trusted not to make off with any caught critters….

So,with her mind set at ease, she cloroxed up her good teeth and headed for the big city….

She arrived safely and after hellos and hugs,  we piled into The Wife’s car and headed out for the Tail Gate Grill in Rosehill…

I know what you’re saying…”Didn’t you just write about this place?”….and to that I would say, “Why yes….I did”…..but…sometimes something is so good it deserves a second look or maybe a third or forth….you get the idea….

 Moma is a catfish kinda girl….she’s always liked it….and when the good folks at the Tail Gate bragged on their Friday night Catfish feast….we had to make a trip back to see how it was…

The ride over was nice as the conversation covered many things from the weather, to school, to how the lack of rain had hurt the opossum and skunk harvests…..but what can you do??

We got there and found a spot to park and Moma commented on how cute the Tail Gate was….we made our way to the window and ordered three catfish dinners, boudin balls, bottlecaps, and three teas…

We found a spot to sit and with the humidity as low as its been and the cooling system they have at the Tail Gate, it was a very pleasant evening to be sitting outside for dinner…

While we waited for our food, Nicole San Felipe owner of the Tail Gate Grill, stopped by our table, she remembered Fat Joe from the week before…She told me how much she enjoyed the blogging I did about the Tail Gate and we shared a moment or two about how great the food had been and how much I had enjoyed eating there and then writing about it…She teased The Wife about her eating most of the bottlecaps and I told her that this time I would be fighting to get my share…Nicole was happy to meet Moma and suddenly we felt like we had become part of the Tail Gate Grill family…

While waiting on our catfish our boudin balls and bottlecaps showed up….I wasted no time in grabbing a few bottlecaps and chopping them down……they were just as good as we remembered and even Moma began taking her share of the golden fried jalapeño slices…..in between mouthfuls of the bottlecaps I cut open a boudin ball and even though it took the roof off my mouth from the heat, I shoveled it down enjoying the deep-fried Cajun sausage…

It was easy to see Nicole was enjoying watching us enjoy her food…She left to get our dinners and when she returned her husband and co-owner of the Tail Gate came with her….Smiling he asked if I was Fat Joe and then patting his own tummy said he was in fact….Fat Larry….we laughed and began to dig into what was some beautiful catfish….I was fighting the urge to  really attack the lightly battered fried delight because it was literally hot out of the fryer…so, I finished off the boudin balls and The Wife and Moma cleaned out the bottlecaps….while we waited for the catfish to cool a bit…

The Friday night catfish dinner at the Tail Gate consists of a very large piece of fried catfish, hush puppies, crinkle cut fries and a dinner salad…I worked on the fries and salad and then could wait no longer as I picked up the catfish and tore a piece off…I wanted to try it without any tartar sauce to get a taste of just the fish…..It was some of the best catfish I have ever put in my mouth….light and not a trace of any fishy taste to be found…..who needed tartar sauce?

I looked up and Moma had a mouthful and she wasn’t stopping very often to talk….

Larry sat and we enjoyed his tale of how he had become the owner of one of my new favorite places on the planet…he has a very interesting story and I’m sure as you become a regular at the Tail Gate he would be happy to share it with you….I couldn’t do it justice in this space but  the conversation was mostly Larry’s as we were all stuffing our faces with the catfish he had just made for us…

These are just good people making good food….they cook like they are cooking for friends and family and I think I can safely say that there aren’t many people who eat at the Tail Gate that Larry and Nicole don’t consider friends or family….

From the burgers to the Friday night catfish, the Tail Gate offers wonderful food at very reasonable prices….they make you feel right at home and will do whatever it takes to make your time with them as good as it can be….they want you to want to come back….

Well….now…they have a very BIG FAT FAN ….

When we got up to leave there were hugs and promises to make this a regular trip in the Fat Joe rotation….Even Moma teared up a little as we climbed back into the car and pulled back on to  2920….I think she had actually forgoten about those opossum traps for a little while and enjoyed a Friday night feast with her Lil’ Fat Joe…

The Tail Gate Grill* 22008 Main Blvd. (2920) * Rosehill Tomball

Remember does not take plastic…

(BTW…. Moma wanted me to tell you she does not have to clorox her teeth)

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