That’s right….Fat Joe is bi-lingual…..

Good thing there is a free translator on the internet….

The Elvis Presley....its not a fried banana & peanutbutter samwich

Tex-Mex Bien Hecho….(Done Right….for those of you who don’t speak the Espanola)

As I stated in an earlier posting….we are very blessed in Houston and Texas, for that matter, to have some incridible Tex-Mex joints to enjoy….We all have our favorites….it would be hard to probably pick just one….for me, I would have to say I enjoy different things at different spots…

One of my favorites (and I’ve only been there once) is a Triple D spot in Rosenburg, Tx called Bob’s Taco Station…a very unique place that is in a converted old gas station….the Carne Gulsada (beef tips in gravy) is wonderful….Bob makes a mean taco and for dessert he has Snoballs (fancy snowcones)…

Another is Taqueria Arandas…for bang for your buck..its one of the best breakfast values you’ll ever find….good food and lots of it and unless you just go nuts with what you order…you can get out for about $6-$7 bucks (with tip)…less than $5 if you really watch what you’re doing…

Now the best Tex-Mex I ever had was when I lived in Waco…there was a little old Mexican woman who cooked out of her house….I know it had a name…but I can’t remember it…. it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve eaten there but unless my memory is just playing tricks on me….it was great….doubt she’s still there….cuz she was pushin’ 100 back in ’83…

My current favorite place for a lunch or dinner is…Chuy’s….in the Fat Guy’s opinion, its the best Tex-Mex for the value in Houston…I remember the first time I went to a Chuy’s…it was the one on Westhiemer and I can remember both the great food and the Shrine to The King (Elvis)…was kinda creepy in a very fun sorta way…when I lived in Houston during the late ’80’s and early ’90’s I spent a lot of time worshiping The King and eating Tex-Mex at this place…

I moved away and then met The Wife and returned , and it wasn’t until a new Chuy’s opened in The Woodlands that I renewed my aquaintance…I had forgotten how great the food was and as those first few bites passed my lips I remembered how much I love Chuy’s…..

Fat Joe’s two favorite dishes at Chuy’s are….the first is the Classic Tex-Mex….three enciladas (beef or cheese) with the red sauce and cheese, topped off with some diced onions…..served with rice and beans….mucho delicious…..the second is The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo…beef Tex-Mex enchilada, cheese Ranchero enchilada, chicken Tomatillo enchilada, a seasoned ground sirloin crispy taco & homemade tostada chips dipped in chile con queso…its a little bit of everything (well…its a lot a bit of everything)….

Neither dish will break your bank and both will fill you up and its as good or better than any other Tex-Mex in our area….

Did I mention the green jalapeno sauce….you have to get this stuff….it is addictive….I could drink it….you’ll have to ask for it….but el-wow`o….good stuff….compadre…

Family friendly as well as a good place to gather with friends and enjoy a frozen drink or two….sometimes there is a wait but we’re in Houston…there’s always a wait….while you wait you can sit in the bar area and fill up on free chips and salsa….

I’m amazed but I do not own a Chuy’s t-shirt…..not sure why….guess I need to fijar that…..


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