1/2 Pound Bacon Cheezeburger

A few months ago I posed a question at work….”What is the best burger in town?”

I got a multitude of responses that I am steadily working my way through…so, far with just one exception…I have found some really good spots for Fat Joe to enjoy one of his passions….a great cheeseburger…

This last Saturday night, The Wife and I decided to give one of those recommendations a try….one of my co-workers (we’ll call him…Tony) suggested a place off of Pinemont in Houston called…The Little Bitty Burger Barn….this place has made more than one list of the Best Burgers In Town….they are also known for having the Hottest Burger in town known as the Fire House Burger and for having the Little Bitty’s Double Dare Burger, which is a two-pound burger topped with cheeze, bacon, bbq sauce and jalapenos….

Now there will be a time I will take that double dare and see if I can join the many people, male and female, who took and conquered the dare and whose faces adorn the walls as testament of their bottomless pit stomachs….

The Fire House might be another thing…I like hot…not sure if I like go to the emergency room hot….

We found Little Bitty’s and sure enough…it’s little bitty….a small stand alone building whose sign is almost as big as the building itself….but its a fun looking place, painted red and white and from first glance looked like a Fat Joe’s kinda joint….we made our way inside and found it to be a place, that at least in the decorating, doesn’t take itself very seriously….and that is a very good thing….the walls are covered with the above mentions photos of people who have met the challenges of the Double Dare and Fire House burgers…there is also the occasional old sign nailed in between the pictures, my favorite of which advertised a place called “Pop’s Greasy Spoon”….the catch-phrase under the name stated that “if it ain’t greasy….it ain’t good”….wiser words have never been spoken…..there is even a baby picture of Little Bitty (the founder)…it seems to have been one of those nicknames that people give like “shorty” to a really tall guy….

There are seven tables (there is also some outdoor seating) and a couple of TV’s….the ordering counter is tucked away in a corner and the menu is on the wall facing the counter….for such a little bitty place there is a lot on the menu…..I counted 14 different burgers, sliders, specialty samich’s, chicken sandwiches (6 of those), and what’s called the Texas Corner, that includes buffalo wings, shrimp, and catfish…..

After more than a few minutes of looking over the many choices…..I settled on a 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger with fries and The Wife ventured out with the Texican burger, a cheeseburger with guacamole and little did she know….pica  de gallo sauce….she went with the sweet potato fries….and we both decided to try an order of 6 hot wings…..

We sat and watched the beginning of the Dallas Mavericks vs. OKC Thunder playoff game and waited….there were people at every table and as one group finished and left another group would come in and take their place…always a good sign….

Now, they may not take how they decorate too seriously….but the food is an entirely different story…

Our food arrived and we both commented on how gooooooood it smelled….the burger are a little on the ginormous size…..a real handfull….I started with some fries which are done with the skins on and are very good…..I stole a sweet potato fry from The Wife (if she noticed she didn’t say anything) and found them to be done dang good….

I used both hands to pick up my 1/2 pounder and took that first bite…that first bite, just like that first impression, is oh so important….and this one did not dissapoint….a good bun, the meat is fresh and hot off the grill, the bacon is crispy, the cheeze melty and the fixens do what fixens should do…..add to the burger….Fat Joe liked it….really liked it….

Now The Wife was surprised at the pica de gallo on her burger….she liked the guacamole and the burger itself but said the added pica was more than she wanted…..so, just beware….

We both loved the hot wings….they do pack a kick….but that’s why they call ’em “hot”….

I managed to finish off the burger and decided this was a place I’d be coming back to…

So, what did the Fat Guy learn here…..that Little Bitty building does not mean Little Bitty Burgers or Little Bitty Flavor…a very good burger and the prices are about what you’d expect to pay for burgers that aren’t from Micky-D’s or Burger King….

There is a coupon on their website for 25 % off your second burger…..saved us about $5.00….

I guess wonderful things can come in Little Packages…..and Fat Joe will take a good bacon cheeseburger over a diamond ring…..any day….now The Wife might argue with that….but she ain’t writing this….is she???


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