During my Chicken Fried Bacon Weekend, The Wife and I, along with Mom-Mom made a little trip from the Hill Country to Fredericksburg….


Fredericksburg is a great little town with tons of old antique and craft shops, the Museum of the Pacific (WW2), some wonderful B&B’s, and what Fat Joe is concerned with….incredible eats….

German cusine is the main stay for Fredericksburg, but you can find a little of everything in this little town…

We went to a little entertainment spot called The Rock Box…and found it to be a lot of fun…it’s a musical revue with songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s…mostly the oldies…the group that performs is very talented and we had a great time…

After we wrapped that up we bumped into some friends from Houston….we actually knew they were gonna be there, but it was nice to be able to arrange to get together with them for dinner…Mr. & Mrs. Big Willie are some of our closest friends and in fact we spend most every Friday night eating out with them somewhere in the Spring or The Woodlands area…

They have gotten use to me carrying my camera to take shots of my dinner…in a way they have gotten to experience the Fat Joe phenomena first hand….yes they are….lucky people….


On this particular warm Fredericksburg evening we made our way to The Fredericksburg Brewing Company…a place I’ve been to before that has great food and their own….yes….brewery….

Nothing wrong with some great German food and a nice cold freshly brewed brewski….

As we looked over the menu, I was in a burger mood so I went directly to that part of the menu…the rest of my group did a more extensive study of the food selections….we oredered some fried pickles (The Wife’s current favorite appetizer) as we finalized our meal choices…

I went with The Ale Burger…½ lb burger cooked to order made with our Award Winning Enchanted Rock Red Ale. Dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheddar cheese and choice of one side…I went with German Potato Salad…

It was a very good burger….everything was done nicely and I enjoyed every bite….the star of my meal, however, was the German Potato Salad….sweet….almost an apple taste….I could have eaten a pot of this stuff…


It was Big Willie who hit the home run here…he ordered the Schinken Schnitzel….Pork cutlet pounded thin, lightly breaded and fried. Topped with ham and Swiss cheese smothered in our Dijon cream sauce and served with your choice of two sides….

Knowing me as he does….and seeeing me drooling at his dinner….he offered my a bite…..a single….bite….and I accepted his generosity with pleasure….the meat was extremely tender, the beading light and flavorful and the ham with the melted cheese topped it off to perfection….it was at that moment I knew that Big Willie owned the table….he had made the better dinner choice….and I would spend the rest of my meal wishing I was sitting in Big Willie’s seat eating his Schnitzel….(so to speak)….

I did recover a bit with desert….chocolate/pecan pie….

Everyone said they enjoyed their food….The Wife and Mom-Mom shared (what an ungly word) the Fish Tacos….and Mrs. Big Willie got a Big Salad….

The Wife also got the Peach Cobbler and said it was really really really….good….

BTW….the Brewskis are well made too….a nice variety from a light blonde to heavier ales…..

If you’re looking for somewhere to go this summer….you could do worse than Fredericksburg….some great sights to see….I would highly recommend the Museum of the Pacific, The Rock Box….and to wrap up a day of shopping and rocking…..The Fredricksburg Brewing Company for a nice meal and a brew or two….

New Fat Joe term…. BWS….BIG WILLIE STYLE



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