I started my Fat Joe Summer BBQ Tour today…..and I hate to say it started with less than a ….bang….


Last week I had to have some work done on my car and as I drove back and forth to the shop I passed this new BBQ joint in Spring…Pit Master BBQ….

It smelled great when I drove by and looked like a great place….

I had looked forward to eating here all week….

I got there and once again I found the smells coming from inside   intoxicating….I walked in and made my way to the counter…the menu is up on the wall and it is your usual BBQ menu….I chose the Pit Master Special….brisket, ribs and sausage served with two sides…I went with bbbq baked beans and potato salad….

It’s a $13.95 meal….


It’s a nice place inside….train and beer stuff cover the walls….there is a lot of seating….it’s very clean and inviting….

They brought me my food and it looked great….I tired the potato salad first and I must say it was great….creamy and flavored nicely….the bbq beans were wonderful too…

However….that’s where great and wonderful….end….

The sausage is tender….but lacked a lot of spice and flavor….

The brisket was kinda tough and again not a lot of flavor….

The ribs were tender and fell off the bone…but just not much there as far as wowing your taste buds…

They offer two types of sauce…..Texas Style and Memphis Style…both were ok…..just not much kick…I liked the Memphis Style better and I did use it on my meats….lots of it on my meats…

I really wanted to like this place….and I am not saying I hated it….the people were very nice and seem to want to make your time there enjoyable…

 They even offered me some peach cobbler on the house….I think they saw my camera and saw me taking notes….

I doubt they recognized me and were worried about what I would say in my posting…haha

I’m not saying I wouldn’t go back….maybe I just got them on a bad meat day….

The potato salad, bbq beans and peach cobbler are very good….

But that’s not really why you go to a BBQ joint is it??

This was the first of many BBQ stops on the FJSBBQT (we do need t-shirts…don’t we) and hopefully they’ll get better…

I’m heading out 290 tomorrow and trying the place near Prairie View…I’ll be sure to let you know if its worth the trip or not…


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