A mere 24 or so hours after my first stop on the World Famous Fat Joe Summer BBQ Tour, I was on the road again…I had every intention of heading to 290 and then  west from 2920….there’s a place right as you get in the Prairie View area  that I’ve passed many times….I wanted to see how it stacked up…


As I drove down the hot, baked highway I was jamming to Tartanic, a bagpipe group that plays at the Texas Renaissance Festival….if you never thought the words Rock-n-Roll Bagpipes couldn’t be spoken….then you’ve never heard these guys….they are incredible….I would highly recommend finding them the next time you’re at TRF….they are very good musicians and are a lot of fun to watch….Zepplin and AC-DC on the bagpipes is something everyone should hear….those of us of Scottish decent (my sister will say we’re Irish…but I’ve seen Braveheart about 500 times and I’ve been to Scotland…makes me Scotish….right??) are always reminded of life in the Highlands when we hear the pipes….ohhhhh lads and lassies…..I can smell the heather blooming in the glen as I write……

When  I got to 249 I stopped for some gas at the Shell station, the one next to the McDonald’s, and for some odd reason decided to take a right onto 249 and head towards Magnolia…I hadn’t gotten very far when I spotted….Old Tomball BBQ….now I go the Renaissance  Festival almost every weekend during the  October & November run, so I’ve passed this place probably about 70 times and have never really taken any notice….but for some reason….today….it beckened to me…..like a lighthouse on a stormy black night….it guided me in….

I pulled in and it looked like a typical Texas BBQ Joint…rustic and worn….I could smell the wood burning that slow cooks their meats and that will always bring a smile to my chubby face….I stepped through the screen door and found myself….alone….now it was about 2:30 in the afternoon…..the dead time between lunch and dinner….so, I didn’t let that cloud my first impression….the place was clean and decorated like 100’s of other little joints across our Great State….checkered table cloths and Texas cowboy stuff on the walls…

I found the counter and as I looked over the menu I coud hear, but not see, someone working in the kitchen….I spotted my ususal…..the Two Meat Combo Plate ($8.95) and began to look to see who was in the kitchen…..I could see the top of someone’s head but that was all I could see….I heard someone in a very Grandmotherly voice say, “Be right with you.”

She walked around the wall separating the kitchen from the order counter and she was, in fact, very Grandmotherly….short, gray-haired and looked as sweet as either one of my Gandma’s..,..she asked what I wanted to eat and I ordered my two meats, brisket & sausage….the plate comes with two sides and I went with potato salad and cole slaw….I also asked for some banana pudding….

Since we were the only two people in the place we spent the next few minutes exchanging small talk….she filled my plate with bbq and the sides, got me a cup of ice for my Diet Coke (how do you think I maintain this chiseled body?) and asked if I wanted bread, pickles and onions to go with my meal….I took the bread, pickles and the tray holding my plate to a booth that faced the small TV in the dinning room….


Deja Vu, a Denzel Washington flick, was playing and I watched him trying to go back in time and stop a crime as I began to dig into my food…I forked up the potato salad first and found it…..so-so….not bad, just not…..great….I moved to the cole slaw and was surprised at how good it was….creamy with sweet kick to it…I could have eaten lots of this stuff…

The meats came covered with sauce (I suppose you could get it on the side) and I tried the sausage first….tender and juicy with a nice flavor….the sauce seemed to be a Carolina styled sauce (vinager based) and complimented the meats nicely….the brisket was next and it too was tender…..not melt in your mouth tender…..but it was done well with a nice smoke ring and great taste…..again the sauce went well on the brisket….

Now, in retrospect, I might have been over compensating for how disappointed I had been with the Pit Master the day before….and so it could have been that anything I tried that was pretty good I would have found really really good….but, I don’t think that is the case here….

The meat was very tender and both, the brisket and sausage, had wonderful smokey tastes with a nice spice kick….the sauce was well done and if homemade they do a nice job with it….the sides…..well one was out of this world and the other…. I’ve had better….

The banana pudding was good….The Wife’s and Moma’s are better….

I would recommend Old Tomball BBQ…

It was very good and priced just about normal for bbq….a nice little joint….they also brag on their fajitas and I would guess if they cook it like the bbq…it would be very good…


Fat Joe gives …..

4 Piggies….

I couldn’t find a website and not sure about the address….but if you head out 2920 and you make a right at the 249 intersection….you’ll go about a mile and it’s on the right hand side…there is no sign but there is a banner on the outside wall…

If you need directions the phone is…(281) 351-0929

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