At least that’s what the sign out front says….

Best on the Planet....


Who is making that claim you may ask….

Well, it’s the Potatoe Patch, 2020 FM 1960 East, Houston…

Big Willie and his crew had called us and wanted to meet for dinner…we debated on a few places and finally agreed on the Potatoe Patch…great food and they throw rolls at you….this is high-class dinning at it’s finest….

When I drove up and saw that claim on the sign…there was no need for me to even get a menu….I’ve had the CFS there before and remembered it as very good….most everything I’ve ever had at the Patch has always been good….the roast beef, the cheeseburgers, fried shrimp, salads and don’t forget the pie are all great…

They make a burger called the 50/50 burger….50% beef/50% bacon with cheese….and I’m here to tell you….it be danglicious….(yeah I just invented a word)….

But tonight it was all about Mr. CFS….

When the waiter asked for our orders I actually said, “I want the best CFS on the planet”….he smiled and said that’s what he’d bring me…you get two sides and I went with fries and mac-n-cheese….

Now they do keep you supplied with hot fresh rolls and they will toss them to you if you’re willing to try to catch ’em…..they also keep hot muffins (we had blueberry and white chocolate) coming out of the kitchen…..there is also a serving of fried green tomatoes and fried okra delivered to your table….this is all free….kinda the country boys version of chips and salsa….

Our meals arrived  and the CFS was very pretty….The Wife and Mrs. Big Willie each had the chicken tortilla soup (which they both enjoyed) and Big Willie went with the afore-mentioned 50/50 burger (and yes he admitted it was all Fat Joe claimed it  would be)….the Little Big Willies ordered from the kiddie menu and seemed to both enjoy what they got….

Back to the star of this posting….Mr.CFS…very well breaded….the breading is light and they don’t overdo it….you know how sometimes you get a CFS and cut into lots of breading before you ever get to the meat…..but this is not like that…..the meat is tender and has a nice flavor to it….you can cut it with your fork…..the gravy (and you can choose between white and brown….I went with white….don’t know if I’ve ever  had brown gravy on CFS…) is creamy and doesn’t over power the CFS….it also doesn’t disappear from it either….it’s good gravy and highlights the CFS nicely….

The fries were good…not traditional type fries…..next time I think I’d go with the mashed-taters….the mac-n-cheese was good too…

A few months ago…The Houston Chronicle compared what they called the two best area CFS….Mel’s vs. Goodsons….both in Tomball…they concluded that Mel’s was the best…..I’ve had both of these and not sure what side of the fence I would land on….I’ll have to do some further research and let you know….but what I do know is that the Potatoe Patch’s CFS would stand up to either of these…

So….Best On The Planet?? Not so sure about that one….but it’s well…..danglicious…..


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