I fully intended to hit spot #6 today….but could never find it…..so….I was close to a pretty good burger joint and decided to be Fat Joe “Burger Boy” today…

I was on Louetta near 249 and made my way over to Cheeburger Cheeburger…you got it….a hamburger joint named after the Saturday Night Live skit from the 70’s…John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd & a young Bill Murray made up the crew at this burger joint that served cheeseburgers, No Fries Chips, and No Coke-Pepsi….oh where have the good ol’ days of SNL gone???  At the ol’ high school back in the late 70’s I don’t know how many conversations were ended with….”No Coke….Pepsi”….to this day that still brings a chuckle….

How True...

I’ve been to this place four or five times….the first time was during my intial introduction into the world of burgers beyond Micky-D’s and Burger-Kink…at that time I thought Whataburger was top shelf….now don’t get me wrong….there’s nothing wrong with any of these….but they aren’t anywhere close to the best out there…..I had just discovered Five Guys Burgers & Fries….and thought I had entered a brand new world….someone told me about Cheeburger Cheeburger and I gave it a try….

At the time I thought that Five Guys had one of the best burgers I’d ever had….Cheeburger Cheeburger was close behind and I liked the atmosphere there better than Five Guys…it’s a throwback to a 50’s dinner….and they do play up the SNL angle….and play some good oldies music….

However the next time I went….it didn’t seem to live up to that initial experience….the next couple of times it regained some of my first impression…but never as good as that first time….

Today, was a very good day….as good as I thought it was that first time….it was every bit as good today….

I ordered The Serious Cheeburger….it is a 1/2 lb. patty and then you choose what fixin’s you want….there are many to select from….I went with jack/cheddar mixed cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and bacon….I added a basket of french fries/onion rings combo….

The Serious Cheeburger - 1/2 lb.

I got my burger and basket-o-fries & rings and began to rekindle my joy I first felt eating that first burger….the meat (med-well) has a nice flavor, the cheese is melted all over the place, the bacon crisp and the fixens’ fresh….the bun has a nice taste as well but  was a little on the flakey side and the bottom half seemed to dissolve as I ate the burger…..

The fries and rings are wonderful….the batter on the rings is light and I’ve always heard that you can tell you have a good ring when you bite it the onion does not slide out of the batter….these were done perfectly today….I got the creamy jalapino sauce to dip (there are 4 sauces to choose from)….

I didn’t have one but they offer 378,000 combinations of shake flavors…..(it’s a dang long list)….

There are three burger joints I think are pretty close….and here’s how I’d rank ’em…

1) Five Guys  2) Cheeburger Cheeburger  3) Smashburger….

Just one fat guys opinion….


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