The Wife and The Mother-in-law had just gotten home from a week out of town…we were all hungry and after we dropped stuff off at the house we headed out to a new Mexican place that I had coupons for…

Fajita Ritas….5200 Louetta Road in Spring….I had passed it earlier in the day on my way to the non-existent BBQ joint I was trying to find….after fighting the effect of a rain-caused traffic light outage…we pulled into the parking lot….

Hacienda Beef Fajita Nachos...

We got inside and Fajita Ritas has a festive decore…lights on the ceiling, lots of colorful things on the wall….and on this particular night they had live music…nothing like a singer with a Spanish accent belting out….Hey Jude….that’s one you’ll need to hear for yourself…

We got our menus and the first thing we all noticed was that there wasn’t a lot on that menu….it was pretty sparse….a few entrees, some taco plates, a lunch section, and the dinner selections….there are five selections on the entree list….not much to choose from….The Wife was having a jones for cheese enchiladas…they weren’t listed….uh-oh….I might be sleeping on the couch….she travels most of the day…..gets home…..is tired and hungry…. wants cheese enchiladas….I suggest a new place to go eat…..and they don’t have what she wants….Fat Joe was in danger of loosing his Fat Hiney….

We asked about getting some cheese enchiladas and were told that could happen….so….I let out a sigh of relief and after she and her Mom ordered I went for the Hacienda Nachos  (beef fajita) on the appetizer portion of the menu….I was no longer worried about The Wife’s head spinning around and reached for some chips and salsa….

I will agree with her on the salsa….sorta tasted like it was out of a jar…..don’t know if it was or not….but that was what we all thought…

The fan above our table was hurricane strength and we asked to have it turned off…..they accomidated us and after we re-combed our wind-swept hair we settled back and waited for our dinners….

They arrived and all looked good….very nice presentations…..the nachos were a little different…served in a bowl……

We all began to eat and I found myself enjoying my meal….the cheese had a nice flavor and the meat was good….not the best I’ve ever had….but they were pretty dang-good…..I was only a few chips in when I had to break out the fork to get nacho from bowl to mouth…

Both The Wife and Mom-Mom cleaned off a good portion of their plates and I thought all was well….I found out later that the cheese enchiladas were less than had been expected….and she didn’t like the meat on my nachos….

So….we have two different views here….I liked it….and I’m not sure if The Wife would go back…..

Was it perfect….well, no….I think its worth giving a try and you decide for yourself…..They are brand new and will need to work some of the kinks out….they told me they were working on the menu and I’m sure that if they make it they will get things right….I guess that’s the trick…isn’t it?

There are so many Tex-Mex places in the Houston area that I’m sure getting one started can be a challenge….we all have our favorites and I think we’re all pretty loyal to the places we like….I know that I have about four or five that I really like and not that there aren’t other’s I’ll eat at…..but these favorites are always tops on the list….

I think they’re so new they don’t have a web site yet….but there are some reviews on Yelp….

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