Since the early days of BBQ’ing there has always been the question of sauce….

To sauce or not to sauce….that be the question….

Some think that the meat should be able to stand on its own….and that sauce isn’t necessary….

I have found that meat that good is very rare….(not in the rare to well done sense), but in the sense that its very hard to find…

I lot of places serve their meats with the sauce on them….and many will either have it on the table or give you small containers with sauce….and there are some places that there is no sauce……they claim their meats don’t need them…

Most places, that are worth anything, make their own and will have more than one….usually mild, sweet & spicy….

I think sauce enhances the flavor of the meat…..I usually like to taste the meat on its own to begin with and then will try each of the sauces and decide which one(s) I like the best…..and sometimes it’s a different sauce on a different piece of meat…..

So….where do you stand????

Mr. Miyagi wants to know…..

Thanks for the idea….Tom….

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