Having a gift card will often determine where you go eat sometimes….

I had one for Chilis…..I like Chilis…..some of what they offer is pretty good…..I really like the Big Mouth Sliders, the Chili-Cheese fries, and they make a pretty good Margarita…..

Being on the FJSBBQT I decided I was going to go for the baby-back ribs….I’ve had them before both the regular ribs with sauce and the Memphis dry rub…..and today I was choosing…..Memphis dry rub…

Memphis Dry Rub - Half Rack

Many places serve their ribs either “wet” or “dry”…..and they are just that….wet ribs come covered in sauce and dry ribs come without…..

Dry ribs rely on the rub to supply most of the flavor….they are covered in the rub and then smoked…..the best dry ribs I’ve ever had were at Corky’s BBQ in Memphis…..maybe the best ribs (wet or dry) I’ve ever had….flavor on top of flavor on top of flavor….you get the idea….Corky’s is killer bbq no matter what you get…..they have locations all over and if you’re ever near one…..they would get a 5(+) Piggie rating….

I’ve enjoyed the Memphis dry rub at Chil’s before and had no reason to think it would be otherwise on this occassion….I got them with fries and a Coke Zero….They arrived and I put down my magazine and began to dig in….my first bite was less than….wonderful…they had taken dry to a new limit….the rub had a decent flavor but it’s almost like they had sucked the moisture out of the ribs….as I continued through the ribs they did get better….but they were not as good as I had remembered….

I was very happy that I was using a gift card to pay these….

I would give the Memphis Dry Rub Ribs at Chilis …2.5 Piggies….



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