What to have for dinner on Sunday night??

The Wife had a Groupon for this pizza joint….Pizza Milano (15920 Stuebner Airline Rd, Spring)….it’s not too far from the house and with the coupon it was gonna be relatively cheap…

GAS & EATS......

Cheap pizza on Sunday night…..the only thing that could make this better would be if the Last-stros were worth watching….I mean pizza and Sunday night baseball….”What could be better?”…..but we’re in H-town and our sports kinda stink right now….so…..let’s not go there….

The thing about this pizza joint….it’s in a Mobil gas station….now you know from earlier bloggings that I love  food out of gas stations….

If your ever in Watuga, Tx (@ 2o miles out of Ft. Worth) you should stop in at The Chef Point Cafe….this is a 5 star chef who wanted to open a restaurant but couldn’t get the money to do that….but the bank would loan him money for a gas station…..so…..now he serves 5 star food out of a Conoco station….it’s a Diners, Drive-ins & Dives stop…..the bread pudding is to die for……

And I can go on all day about gas station bbq joints….

So, gas station…..pizza….why the heck not……



We called our order in and were told it would be about 15 minutes….about how long it would take us to get there….we pulled in under the gas pump awnings and stopped….The Wife got out to get our pizza and I got out to take a couple of pics of the joint….

We got back into the car and the pizza smelled great….The Wife said the guy inside was very nice and was eager to please….she said there were actually 4 or 5 tables inside…so, tis not only a take out joint….

We got a large, thin crust, three meat combo (meatball, sausage & pepperoni) & some Milano cheese sticks (garlic butter, 3 cheese blend, jalapenos & applewood smoked bacon)….wanna guess what our car smells like now after carrying that home???  better than any air freshener you would get at the car wash….


It was very good pizza….The Wife would have like the crust to have been a little crisper but the meats, cheese, and dough worked for me….the meatballs were very tasty…..and the cheese sticks (actually shaped like a pizza) had a nice little kick….

Now without the coupon this would have been about $27.00….there are 3 sizes of pizza small ($11.99), medium ($13.49) & large ($15.49)….so, it’s a little more than the $10 pizza you’ll get at Pizza Hut….but it’s better pizza…..mucho better pizza….

We’ll be back at Pizza Milano

So….any place that allows you to fill up your car and your gut…..what more could anyone with any sort of taste want???? 

The next time you stop to fill up your car….see if they have something for your tummy….too….




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