There are 3 BBQ joints on Highway 290 that are within a few miles of each other…having been to 2 of them…..it was high time to get to #3….

Junior’s Smokehouse & Waller County Line BBQ were both on the FJSBBQT earlier this summer….I really likedWCL and was a little disappointed in Junior’s…..The third is relatively new and having passed it both times while going to the other 2….I thought it only fair to give them a try…..(and I’m all about being fair….doesn’t have any thing to do the fact I like to eat…..and I really like to eat BBQ….let’s be real here…..FatJoe is just a name…..right?)

This third joint is called Field Store BBQ & Grill…..(I’ve also seen Rocky’s BBQ)….this is a guy that use to work for County Line BBQ and I guess his name is….Rocky….it’s located at 40203 Hwy 290 at the Field Store exit…..it’s the first exit after turning West on 290 off of 2920….


I pulled up and sure enough…..this is another joint in a gas station….this time its a Chevron station….we all know how I feel about BBQ and fossil fuels…..gooooood dang combo….(the now cristened…..GDC-Factor)…..

I could smell the smoking going on and as I passed the outside picnic benches I opened the doors and found a BBQ joint with a convenience store attached to it…I walked through the store and made my way to the counter….grabbing a tray I smiled at the young lady behind the counter and asked for a moment to check out the menu….it’s a standard menu with BBQ, Burgers, Sandwiches and Sides…the prices were nice as a 3 meat plate was just $8.95…..with that in mind I ordered the 3 meat which includes 2 sides….I got Ribs, Sliced Brisket & Sausage…..my sides were Potato Salad and Cole Slaw….they serve you while you make your way down the line and I got my meat with the sauce on the side…..I paid and then stopped by the fixens’ bar and filled my two sauce cups with both of their home-made sauces….mild & hot….


There is plenty of seating and I found a table and sat… the whole time I was there customers were coming and going…..I started with the potato salad and found it average…..nothing special and the same with the slaw…..good but not gonna make you do back flips after eating them….

I then picked up the rib (one rib in the 3 meat plate)…it was tender and pulled off the bone….good smoke and flavor….I used to be a rib guy but not so much any more…..but this was a good solid rib….(Mo’s are better)….

I made my way to the sausage and really like it…..smoked and spicy with a great snap on the casing….again I started without sauce and it was good without it…..I then tried it in the mild, then the hot and found I liked the hot much better….the hot sauce added a nice kick to the spiced sliced link….

Finally I sliced into the brisket….it had a pretty bark, smoke ring and some nice fat….fat on brisket is usually good…..most things I’ve read, by those who seem to know, seem to always comment on the fat content….and this brisket showed me exactly what they mean….the meat near the top (the top being where the bark and fat are) was moist and melt in your mouth delicious….however, as you got further from the top it kinda dried out somewhat….not that is wasn’t still tender it just wasn’t as good as the top part….so….some of this meat was as good as I’ve ever had…..the other was just …….good…..I liked the brisket dipped in the mild sauce…..

The bread was two slices of bread wrapped in plastic wrap….was kinda stale…..

I grabbed some ‘nanner puddin’ on my way out and for $2.69 you get a really nice portion….I waited till I got home to try it and I liked it……it wasn’t as good as that at WCL….but it was good puddin’….and you get a lot of it…


So…..after trying all three of the joints I would have to say the clear winner in my book (and I am the one on tour here)….was WCL….second would be this joint, Field Store BBQ, with Junior’s coming in third….

Nothing wrong with stopping at any of these spots….but….the one in the middle, WCL, is in FatJoe’s feeble brain is the best…

FatJoe is giving Field Store BBQ & Grill….3.5 Piggies

I could not find a website….

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