Thursday night found The Wife outta town and  me contemplating what I was gonna have for dinner….I had some chicken I had grilled earlier in the week and I was sorta headed in that direction when the phone rang…..

It was Big Willie Style (BWS) and family wanting to know if I wanted to meet them for some din-din….they were gonna stop at Cheddar’s…..it’s close to the house and looking at my chicken it took about 1/2 a second to decide that dinner with BWS & family was the better way to roll….

I threw on some….”cleaner” clothes….and drove the short distance….they were already there when arrived and Big E gave me a high-five as I slid into the booth….Mama Mindy was studying the menu and when I asked about Little P I found out she was asleep between  BWS and Mama….a hard day of playing in the hot Texas sunshine will tend to take it out of ‘ya….wouldn’t it be nice to be able to lay down in the restaraunt  sometime and take a nap……(where have the days of childhood gone????)..but I think folks would look  strangely at a 250 lb. man if  he laid down in a booth during mealtime…..but maybe that’s just me….

Taking a menu I went immediately to the burger section….there are about 6 or 7 to choose from, but my eyes were drawn to the bacon cheeseburger…when the guy came back I gave him my order and then sat back and enjoyed some friendly conversation……Big E was playing a Lego Star Wars game and would poke me every few minutes to show me some evil member of Empire he had just anhilated….nothing like making the galaxy safer for Luke and Leia….


Our food arrived and I must say the burger looked good….in fact everything that was delivered to the table looked good….

I bit into the bacon cheeseburger and found it to be a good solid burger….the bun  fresh, the meat seasoned and cooked medium well, the bacon crisp and the fixin’s fresh….While you’ll never mistake this for a burger from The Love Shack or Jax…..it is a good burger and it’s under $6….for what  you paying its a great burger…


Now the fries are extra ($1.29) and they were so-so on this particular night….I should have gone with the onion rings which are really good….

The Wife and I have been to Cheddar’s a few times and have always found the food tasty and unlike some of the other comparable  places….(Chilis and TGIF)….the prices are very reasonable…the restaraunts are nice and while there is always a line at the one at I45 & Louetta, the wait is never too too long….

FatJoe would recommend Cheddar’s….not only for the burgers but for their full menu….it’s as good as Chilis or TGIF and the prices are better….

http://www.cheddars.com/Restaurants%20And%20Menus/index.php?state=Texas&area=East Texas

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