After an afternoon of putzin’ around town…..it was time to decide where to go eat some dinner…The Wife gave her input (which is the input that matters)….and it was Mexican or Pizza….I’ll vote Mexican over Pizza any day….

We went with Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen….6925 Cypresswood Drive, Spring….and we pulled into the lot with our fingers and toes crossed that the Friday night wait wouldn’t be too long…I dropped The Wife off to put our names on the list and went in search of a parking spot…it only took a spin or two around the lot to find something and after parking I made my way to the front door where The Wife informed me….”Fifteen minutes….”

I could live with that….we stood for a couple of minutes and got lucky when one of the groups, waiting at one of the outside tables , had their little paging light-thingy go off….they moved inside and we sat down and waited….the afternoon heat had begun to subside and so the outside wait wasn’t all that bad…..we were only there a few more minutes when our paging light-thingy went off…we joined the ranks of the chosen-ones and were escorted inside to our table…

Taking our seats, we gave our drink orders to the waiter….tea for The Wife and diet whatever for me…I always get the same thing at Gringo’s so looking at the menu is just window dressing for me…..however, The Wife can make menu surfing into an all day event….I have seen her look over the entire menu, decide 5 or 6 different times on what she wants and then change her mind 5 or 6 times before the waiter comes to take our order….and then changer her mind again as he asks what we want….she directs me to order first and then after another contemplation….changes her mind a last time….

Like I said, I always get the same thing….Smokin’ BBQ Pork Quesadillas….duh….wonder why……

Quesadillas filled with smoked pork with a bbq sauce for dipping….


2 of my favorite worlds coliding….smashing together, so to speak, to bring FatJoe the utmost in joyous fulfillment….these little pork delights are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood…….the pork is tender and tasty and the sauce is delicious…..tomato based with a little kick on the back end….and at $8.95 the price is just right….you can make it a meal for $1.29 more….(beans-n-rice)….

The Wife got cheese enchiladas and said they were wonderful…as always….

Gringo’s is good eats….the green sauce you get with your chips is great….and they have the free soft-serve on your way out…..


FatJoe is giving Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen a special – 4 Piggies


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