Who would have ever thought that a little boy from Port Arthur, Texas would become a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan and that years later he would live across the street from a guy from Wisconsin?  The world is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small…..

My neighbor across the street, Robert-Bob, would be a great neighbor even if he had come from…..(shudders at the thought)….Dallas….(btw….the Cowboys….SUX!!!!!)…. he’s just a great guy…..always ready to lend a hand and when neccessary….he plays a mean Texas Hold’Em…..and he’s a real Cheesehead from Wisconsin….

He had been gone for a couple of weeks and I, being the wonderful neighbor I am, was picking  up his mail….and oh my gosh it was such an ordeal…..walking the….what….30 feet across the street in the 1005 degree Texas heat…..and it’s not a straight shot across the street….it’s sorta at an angle…..which makes it even more difficult to navigate….but I persevered and made my way across the furnace-like pavement and got his mail every day…

It was very nice to get a call from Rober-Bob telling me he was on his way home and that he had a surprise for me…..well who the heck doesn’t like surprises…..(well…..most surprises)…..a few hours later my doorbell rang and there he was…..I was glad my neighbor was back safe and I couldn’t wait for my surprise…….he had driven through Round Rock…..so wanna guess what he had brought me?????

You have two choices if you’ve read these postings…..1) Chicken Fried Bacon from the 620 Cafe….or…..2) A 2 lb. donut from Round Rock Donuts…..

2 lb.-er = 1 dozen donuts

Well…..seeing as how CFB might not make the 3 hour drive from Round Rock to Spring…..I was happy to see the BDD….(BIG DANG DONUT)…..he smiled as he handed over the box and I traded him a bag full of mail….not a very even trade if you ask me….I opened the box and, dang it smelled good….2 lbs.  of sugar-coated delight….suddenly all of the daily walks across the sun-baked street were forgotten and all that mattered was the BDD I had in my fat hands…..

We talked about his trip and that we had actually gotten some  much needed rain the last few days….after a few moments he was back on his way across the street and I was left with my surprise…..

I won’t be eating this one like I did the first and only other 2 lb.-er I’ve had….that one I ate in one sitting (about an hour)…..this one I will take a little at a time and enjoy it slowly….

Robert-Bob did good….he knew exactly how to make FatJoe happy….


Round Rock Donuts was featured on Man vs. Food (Travel Channel)….and even if  you’re not up for the 2 lb.-er, their donuts are delicious….I guess if you can pick up a donut and then add some CFB…..your life would be perfect……



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