Another one of my many facets is that I love The Texas Renaissance Festival….I’ve been going for about 20 years….and over the last 14 or so I make regular weekend trips out to His Majesty’s realm…..

This weekend will be Opening Weekend….yeah, I’ll be there….haven’t decided on Saturday or Sunday yet….each day offers a different dynamic…..Saturdays are always crowded….and crowded means lots of strange people to look at….and I do love to people watch at the Festival…..Sundays, however, especially in the morning are nice and quiet…..you almost have the park and the Festival players to yourself…which is nice….you can sit and if you sit long enough someone dressed up like they just fell out of a time machine will find you and that’s when the fun begins…

There are two ways to handle this moment…..the first is to pretend you don’t see them or….if you have mistakenly made eye contact and they begin to walk over to you…..you can run for you life into the nearest boutique and pretend you are looking at scented soaps until the danger has passed and they have moved on to some other unlucky soul…..or…..you can step out of your normal life for a couple of minutes and play along with the game…..that’s why they are there….to have some fun and in the process help you have some fun….how often do you get to speak with someone from the courts of King Henry or even better yet….the Village Idiot….. the whole day is one long play….and if you choose you can be a part of it….

FatJoe can banter with the best of ’em….granted I relate more to the Village Idiot than I do a Duchess or Duke…..

Besides all the people watchin’ and messing with the actors….my most favorite thing is to……wanna guess????

E A T !!!!

So many things to try and so little time…..you usually can’t go wrong with anything served on a stick…..some of the most delicious things come skewered on a little piece of wood…..there’s something about eating something that might at any moment fall off the stick and land in the dirt or offers the danger of on that   last bite you might injur yourself on the pointy end of the stick, that just seems to bring out the flavors in your food….and, of course, anything deep fried…..like…..Snickers……Twinkies…..Oreos……(the Holy Trinity)….are always FatJoe faves…..

So, for some of my next shared bloggings with you I will dedicate myself to bringing you the best and maybe not so best foods of the Texas Renaissance Festival….keep in mind that FatJoe isn’t made of $$$$$ and every year the price of Tom Turkey’s Leg seems to creep up a little bit…..but I will do my best to consume as much as I can to be able to let you know what to try…..

Its a dirty and costly venture…..but some “Village Idiot” has to do it……and I’m just the guy to give it a try….


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