Having spent the day Saturday watching college football and knowing the Packers weren’t going on ’till Sunday night….I was off bright and early Sunday morning to the Texas Renaissance Festival….

The morning was overcast and the weather reports promised some rain…..but hey we’re in Texas and rain ain’t something we’ve seen much of lately….so, I felt like a drop or two wouldn’t dampen my first weekend of the Festival run….I had a few rain drops on my windshield as I drove through Mongomery but it still didn’t look like rain was going to be an issue…

As I arrived and parked on my usual row….#3….I begain packing my stuff for the day…..as I grabbed my camera and ticket, I saw my poncho sitting in the back of the car….”To take the poncho, or not to take the poncho”….that was the question…..I decided to strap the camera around my neck and in doing that it left some room in my camera bag to carry the poncho…. it was the smartest thing I’ve done since I said “I do”…..14 years ago…..

I passed through the gates of the faire and it always sorta transforms me a little….walking from 2011 into the 1100’s is pretty cool….I was met by one of the Sturdy Mud Beggars, advertising the world famous Mud Show to be held at numerous times during the day at the world famous Mud Pit….I’m sure I made some brilliantly funny comment at which he and I shared a laugh….I continued on into the faire grounds walking into the opening ceremonies and stood and watched the day’s activities begin….I glanced over at the musicians stand and saw my friend Darryal….he’s the King’s main trumpeteer….we waved and I moved on into the faire….


It was at this point that the poncho came out of the camera bag and I donned it like some royal cloak….nothing like a blue plastic royal cloak, huh?

The rain had begun…..

Now, I will never complain about rain again…but this was the beginning of a downpour….cats & dogs….squirrels and groundhogs…..whatever that ol’ saying is…..it was Noah rain…..

I stopped and listened to the bagpipe group Tartanic (a FatJoe recomendation) as the clouds opened up….I made my way under one of the overhangs to a food booth and asked for a hot apple cyder….”H O T” was an understatement…..I think the top layer of my tongue vaporized as I took the first watered-down sip….it got better as I drank it…..but I think that was a one time buy for me…..

And the rain continued…

I walked around for a bit as the rain turned the dry dirt pathways is to slick muddy lanes….but who was complaining….usually when it rains at the Festival people scurry for shelter….today those of us who had braved the threat of rain enjoyed strolling in the wet….even though it put a damper (sorry for the pun) on the day as far as getting to watch any of the shows it was a blessing to get something that we haven’t had for such a long time…

I found my way to the French section….now I’m not a big fan of modern day France (yes I supported the move to switch from French Fries to Freedom Fries) but considering the French bailed us out in the First War of Independence and the fact that the French Court is usually the most entertaining at the faire, I’ve always liked going to that part of the faire…..besides they serve one of my favorite things ona-stick…..(new word….ona-stick)…..steak ona-stick…..meat on wood…..what a wonderful concept….I paid my 6 pounds and shuffled off into the rain to enjoy my steak ona-stick….


The meat was tender and spiced nicely….there was a char around the edges that I enjoyed….a couple of times I used my stabbed steak to wave at those passing by….but I was careful not to let my gesturing get too out of hand so as not to loose my delicious meat….nothing worse than having your meat fly off your stick…..

Later in the day I wondered into the pirate section and found myself choosing between a funnel cake and beignets…..I went with the beignets and was told that the powdered sugar was at the end of the booth…..I scooped….oh heck….I don’t know…..10 spoons of the white sweet stuff into my bag……(maybe not 10)…..I shook the bag up and ate…..they were ok….not that hot and I know it was because of the weather….but they were sorta soggy…..hope that’s the reason…..I think next time we’ll go with the funnel cake….


The rest of my shortened stay was spent finding shelter….huddling with the masses…..I did watch some of the Mud Show….the only show that the rain probably enhanced the performances….I finally began to realize that the day wasn’t going to improve much weather wise so I began to make my way to the front gates…..however, on my way I was enticed by some Bavarian wench to buy something else ona-stick….a sausage…..she offered mustard to dip but I declined…..I like’em plain…..it was pretty good…..there are places in the faire that offer better….


As I made my way to my car I considered my first day of TRF ’11….even though I was soaked….a poncho will only do so much…..it was a good day…..I got to be out at one of my favorite spots on Earth…..eat some stuff ona-stick…..and had a few laughs…..what more do ya need???



http://texasbrassmusic.com/ (MY FRIEND DARRYL)



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