Well, the holidays do nothing if they don’t give us time to spend with our relatives….and the two weeks that make up Christmas and New Years gave The Wife and I a chance to see many of those who we claim as family….

The week before Christmas we got to spend some time with The Wife’s dad…..he’s from Kerrville…..so….I guess we can call him….Dad From Kerrville….I don’t think he’ll mind that….

During his visit we packed up one afternoon and went to see a movie….The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo….an ok flick….I’d recommend reading the book(s) first…..I hadn’t, so I left with as many questions as answers….

After the movie we made our way to Market Square in The Woodlands…. there was a new burger joint waiting for me…..and it was high time to give it a try….

The Counter….a burger place that claims 312,120 + burger combinations….when you walk in you are handed a clip board and a pencil…..you browse through the possibilities, then order by checking what you want and handing the clipboard back to the waitress…


First your meat….you may choose from beef,chicken, turkey, or veggie…..you decide on what you want and how big you want it….then your cheese they have 12 to pick from….after the cheese you pile up the toppings (up to 4)….there is a 3.5 step which allows you premium toppings like bacon, ham, fried egg, etc…..then you go with a sauce of which there are about 20…..and finally your bread….there are 5 of these to choose from….

I went with a 2/3 pound beef burger, with Tillamook cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled pineapple, applewood bacon, mayo, on a hamburger bun….a long list….


We order an Onion Ring/Fry combo platter to go with our burgers….


The burger was very good…..nothing great but a nice piece of beef with some tasty fixens piled on….I really loved the bacon/pineapple/cheese combo…..the tastes are all over the inside of your mouth…..nothing like a party between your lips…..

The fries and onion rings were both good….

I liked The Counter and will go back….if nothing else to continue to try the many different combinations…..

Between the After-Christmas lull and the build up to New Year’s Eve, we met The Sister-n-Law (there’s only one), A Brother-n-Law ( I have two), Nephew #1, Niece/Wife and their baby at one of my ALL-TME-FAVORITE-SPOTS (ATFS)….The Barbecue Inn….at 116 E. Crosstimbers, Houston….this place has been around for so long that I think most people have been there at one time or another…..its as old school as you can get….from the decor to the waitress staff…..some of whom may have been there from day one, some 60 years ago…..it’s charming and the food is beyond incredible…..


For years I have always ordered the chicken fried steak….it’s perfect……The Wife always goes with the fried shrimp….which is as good as the cfs…..and we both always save room for….or if there’s no room we still stuff in a piece of pie…..The Wife loves the chocolate and I am lemon pie guy….

Tonight would be a little off the wall…..I have always heard about the fried chicken….I’ve seen people order it and it looks wonderful…..and even though the menu tells you will have to wait an extra 20-30 minutes for your chicken I ordered a mixed plate and fries….

Almost everyone else ordered fried shrimp and fried oysters…..

We waited….and waited…..it took the full 30 minutes and about the time our food arrived The Baby had had enough and #1 Nephew and Niece/Wife took their dinners to go…

I apologized for ordering the chicken…..but I’m here to tell you…..it was worth each and every second I waited to sink my teeth into the best fried chicken I’ve ever had….if I was a preacher I would have pounded the pulpit and screamed praises to Jesus for the bounty that had been laid before me….


Not sure where to start….the crust is amazing…..golden brown and crispy….I could have eaten a plate of just crust….and the chicken is moist and delicious….the dark was unbelievably moist…. the drumstick I had should be featured in some sort of fried chicken hall of fame….

When there was nothing but the bones left on my plated, I was using the end of my finger to scavenge any remaining crust particles that I might find….

We got our pie to go and it made a very nice midnight snack…

Now the The Barbecue Inn isn’t in the best part of town….but we’ve never had any type of problem and they do have a security guard patrolling the parking lot….he even will walk you to the door….


I love the Holidays…..getting to see family and friends is always special…..but I think a new tradition has been born…..from now on the week between Christmas and New Years will now forever be a time for a trip to the Barbecue Inn and some of that Fried Chicken….

Have a Happy & Blessed 2012…..from your favorite Fat Guy….



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