Those who claim to be nutritional experts tell us that Breakfast is the “MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY”….and while I would never think of myself as an expert in maintaining a proper diet or even what to eat and when you should eat it…..I do have my own philosophy on MEALTIME…

To me…the “MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY’ is your “NEXT” meal….I mean who hasn’t been starving at some point in the day and just couldn’t wait to sit down to lunch or dinner???

At that point how important is your breakfast??

I get that Breakfast might be a determining factor in what sort of day you may have….starting the day with a good Breakfast gives one the right “KICK IN THE PANTS” to get off on the right foot….but to me whatever meal is approaching is the “MOST IMPORTANT MEAL”….

And this brings us to what makes up a “GOOD BREAKFAST”….again I bet what the “EXPERTS” say and what FatJoe says are night and day….my idea of a “GOOD BREAKFAST” involves eggs, pancakes, potatoes, bread and lots and lots of pork…..bacon would be #1 on that list….

The FatJoe-EE of the day is who served the best “GOOD BREAKFAST” in the Year of Our Lord….2011….three of my choices come from Hawaii …..sorry I know it’s a haul over there….but The Best is The Best….

#5 – Stuffed French Toast, Splasher’s Grill (Kona)…Hawaiian Sweet  Bread stuffed with cream cheese, covered in warm berries and coconut….with 2 eggs and bacon

#4 – Pancakes and Bacon, Victor’s Deli (Houston)…Everything here is great….but the pancakes are huge and delicious

#3 – Peppered Bacon and Red Potato Omelet, The Black Walnut (The Woodlands)…Fluffy eggs filled with spicy bacon,  potatoes, red onions, sour cream and two kinds of cheese

#2 – The French Toast, The Coffee Shack (Kona)…Homemade Luau bread,dusted with powdered sugar, served with grilled Portuguese sausage…with a beautiful view  and Geckos to boot

#1 – Luau Omelet, Island Lava Java (Kona)…Fresh eggs filled with slow roasted Kolua pork, grilled pineapple, onions, cheddar and jack cheese…served with rustic potatoes and apple-smoked bacon….this could have been served in Vidor, Texas and it would have still been #1….the fact that I was eating this and looking out over the Pacific only made it more perfect!!!

BEST OF THE REST: Taqueria Arandas (The Woodlands), The Breakfast Place (Spring), Belle’s Kitchen (Houston), The Egg & I (Houston), Furr’s (Spring), The Shell Gas Station (6700 FM 2920 Spring), Shipley’s Donuts (Anywhere) and Aurturo’s Taqueria (Spring)…

Those that aren’t so much: Denny’s (Bacon Pancakes) & Big Island Grill (Kona)….nothing like starting the day with a big dang disappointment…

Texas monthly just published what they claim to be the 50 best breakfast spots in Texas….sounds like a great starting point for next year’s competition….

Next Up…..Best Deserts….

  1. December 13, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    lmao on this line “I bet what the “EXPERTS” say and what FatJoe says are night and day” that is true, but what you have to say is definitely more delicious! Back in the day when I ate eggs … I would consume like 3-4 hard boiled eggs for dinner and wash if down with a couple glasses of 2% milk … how healthy is that? It’s all natural … lol. I hate visiting your blog because there are so many pics of badly, delicious food to tempt me to fall off the wagon. You’re just a BAD influence on me. Digging this now.

  2. January 31, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    You had me at bacon.

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