There is almost nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal but then to top that delicious meal off with a wonderful desert is, so to speak…..icing on the cake…..whether its something fancy or just ice cream after a good burger….there’s just something about filling in those last little chinks with something sweet…most of the time you’re telling yourself….”I shouldn’t do this….:” but the willpower seems to escape even the mightiest of us when it comes to desert…..

Over the course of my life I’ve had the pleasure of putting some incredible deserts in my “PIE HOLE”…..some of the best stuff is homemade…..from Moma’s blueberry ice box pie, to The Wife’s sopapilla cheesecake, to something I’ve just had…..pumpkin crumble made by Nancy D. from school….

I worked with a guy when I was at the Houston Post that made some of the most elegant and delicious cakes for people’s birthdays…..

People can create some amazing things in their kitchens….

But this is a celebration of things I’ve eaten in different joints over this last year…..

BEST DESERTS 2011….(I had a couple of ties with this one…..ooops)

#5 – Snicker’s Pie, The Black Walnut (The Woodlands)…imagine, if you can, a cold snickers bar on steroids…..gosh darn good….

#4 – (TIE) Lemon Meringue  Pie, The BBQ Inn (Houston) / Lemon Cheesecake Pie, The Fish Hopper (Kona)….if you like that little “tart” bite that makes your glands pucker up….both of these have major “Pucker-Factor”…

Splasher's Grill

#3 – The Bacon Sunday, Denny’s (Anyplace, USA)…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ice cream, maple syrup and B A C O N……nuff said…..

#2 – (TIE) The Banana Puddin’,Waller County Line BBQ (Waller) / The Banana Puddin’, City Market (Luling)…each different….each delicious….WCL was creamy and layered  with crumbled Nilla Waffers…..City Market was more traditional but as good as any I’ve ever had….

#1 – Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Ona Stick, The Texas Renaissance Festival (Todd Mission)…There’s a lot going on here…..Chocolate, cheesecake and the kicker…..ONA-STICK….not only killer good but pretty to boot….now if they could figure a way to deep-fry it and add some bacon….it would be perfect….


Others Worth A Shot – The Cherry Pie (The Roadhouse), Peach Cobbler (Fat Mike’s), Peach Cobbler (Spring Creek BBQ), MoonDoggie Cookie (The Black Walnut), Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (Wunsche Bros.) and Anything (The Cheesecake Factory)…

I can’t really say there was anything sweet I ate that I didn’t like….but I guess that’s the downfall of being a slave to one’s sweettooth…in fact I had a desert tonight that might make the list for next year…..Oreo-covered-molten-chocolate cake from Chili’s…..

I guess it’s tough being me….

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