Closing the curtain on 2011 I would be totally remiss if I didn’t include some of the more unusual things I ate over the last 12 months….there were some strange and wonderful dishes out there and I tried as many as I could…..(well….as The Wife would allow)….

I think what I’m going to do here is just list what I thought was the best of those things I ate that don’t fall into my normal categories….BURGERS, BBQ, or BREAKFAST….

BEST AND MOST UNUSUAL:  OGRE TOES, Sherwood Renaissance Festival (Giddings)….Bacon wrapped sausage deep-fried and served with a tangy ranch-like sauce….The Wife rolled her eyes on this one and then fought me for that last bite….

BEST SANDWICH: CHICKEN FRIED STEAK SANDWICH W/BACON, Wunsche Bros. (Old Town Spring)….I added cheese but Big Willie suggested adding Bacon……Anything Big Willie-Styled is dang good….

BEST HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN: BIG DADDY PATTY MELT, Denny’s…hand pressed beef patty topped with mac-n-cheese, melted cheese and Frisco sauce….1690 calories of cheesy fun….

BEST APPETIZER: FRIED MAC-N-CHEESE,  Fat Mike’s (Spring)….Deep-fried Mac-n-Cheese, wrapped in bacon…..sadly I’ve read this place has closed….(FatJoe sheds a tear….~sniff~)

BEST SEAFOOD: GRILLED SWORDFISH, The Fish Hopper (Kona)….Served with a lemon-butter sauce and garlic mashed potatoes…..

BEST FOOD ADVICE: TAKE THE DONUT FROM THE MIDDLE, Librarian O’Neil….when grabbing a chocolate donut, don’t sacrifice maximum chocolate coverage by taking one from the end…..

And on that note I think we’ll call 2011 done….I hope you enjoyed this stuff half as much as I did….I want to thank everyone who took even just a few minutes to read what I write….not really sure what that says about you…..maybe we shouldn’t delve to deeply into anyone’s mental makeup….whatever it is that brings us together, I think we can all agree that  food can and should be fun (now Moma….don’t be shakin’ your head…she thinks I have too much fun with food)….

Here’s to a 2012 filled with great food and wonderful friends….


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