Another Friday night became a Saturday night this last week…it was Big Willie’s B-day and he was going to get to pick where we went to eat….seafood seemed to be  his choice and it came down to Babin’s (The Woodlands) or Papadeauxs (The Woodlands)…. in my humble opinion either would be  great ….

Babin’s won out and The Wife and I met them there at about 6ish….the parking lot was kinda crowded so we parked in back, found our way inside and tracked down our dinner companions….they were already at a table and after the usual hugs and hellos we sat and ordered our drinks…

I heard Big Willie discussing appetizers at the other end of the table while Big E and I were talking about his baseball exploits….seems we may have a budding Lance Berkman on our hands…..just hope he remembers who played Lego’s with him when he signs some multi-million dollar deal in the future…..but I digress…

The appetizer chosen at the other end of the table was…STUFFED SHRIMP ENBROCHETTEBacon-wrapped with crabmeat and spinach stuffing ….sounded delicious…..but one can never have too many appetizers…..however….let me digress….once again….The Wife’s side of the family can take appitizers to the point where you have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many that dinner, no matter how wonderful it might be…..becomes a distant afterthought…..there are just so many crackers, dips, and stuffed things one can eat before even Prime Rib or a Pork Loin  isn’t as  inviting as it should be because you’re stuffed on the pre-meal…..meal…..but….God Love ‘Em they can put on a spread…..I’ve never left a family function hungry….

Sorry…..back to the dinner at hand….

My choice for an appetizer was…CRAWFISH & BOUDIN BOULETTES-Seven boulettes (balls) made of Louisiana boudin,crawfish tails and Jack cheese served with a Crab Double Dip….it is very hard to go wrong with boudin shaped into a ball…..(Boudin Ina Ball ….(BIB) )…

As we waited for those to arrive we worked the Word-Search on the kiddie menu…..it seemed it was girls against the boys…..The Wife, Princess P and Moma Mindy vs. Big E, Big Willie and Me….(sounds like a song title….)….even though the Female side cheated by looking on our sheet every chance they got, the males were triumphant and claimed the table Word-Search Cup for 2012……

Our waiter came back with the Boudin Balls and Stuffed Shrimp….and both were wonderful….the dipping sauces were just as good….both sauces had a little twang to them and really added to the flavor of the appitizer……I think the Boudin Balls were a little better….but not by much….just something about a deep-fried breaded boudin ball that brings out the “coon-ass” in me…..makes me want to add an “EAUX” to the end of my name….”FatJeaux from Breaux Bridge”……..

We ordered dinner and I had picked out the SHRIMP & SAUSAGE JAMBALAYA-Simmered with tomatoes and served with white rice…but The Wife called my attention to the SHRIMP LAFAYETTE- jumbo lump crabmeat, bacon, pico de gallo and green onions in a garlic lemon butter sauce. Served with dirty rice….and once again it was BACON that swayed my decision…..

Babin’s isn’t cheap…..it’s not horribly priced but you won’t get out of there for under $40 unless you’re just ordering bread….but the food is good and you do get a lot of it….so we waited for our meals and we talked about Big Willie’s Birthday…..he seemed to have had a nice day and a good meal would be the “icing on the cake” so to speak…..

Dinner arrived and it was all very nicely presented…..having watched a bazillion hours of the food network I have learned that presentation is a big deal….personally I would rather have something ugly but delicious as opposed to pretty and not worth eating….but I guess when you can have both…..life is, in the immortal words of Sheriff Andy Taylor….”EXTR-EE GOOD”….

The presentation not withstanding, it was time to dig in….I started with the dirty rice and found it very good….not overly spicy but enough flavor to keep you wanting more…..the Shrimp Lafayett…..was kinda hit and miss….there were certain fork-fulls that were unbelievably tasty…..the bacon and pico de gallo were a great combination….there were flavors all over the place and enjoyed as often as I could shovel them into my mouth….however, there were those bites that left you wondering…..”WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?”….the flavors would just disappear…. I concluded that I don’t like their  crab meat stuffing….kinda bland and had it not been for the other things on the plate….the star attraction would have more or less….fallen flat….

To say the meal wasn’t good wouldn’t be accurate…..to say it was very inconsistant….would be really close to the bulls-eye…..while I would go back to Babin’s without hesitation….I don’t think I’ll get anything stuffed there again….on other trips there I have enjoyed their seafood platters and anything they fry…..I guess maybe it might have been an off night for the stuffing…..but at those prices I’m not sure I’d want to give it another shot….

All in all it was a very good night….the food was pretty good and Big Willie had a nice Birthday Dinner….we ended up back at the Big Willie house and once again there was some very shady shenanigans concerning a game…..not pointing fingers…..but…..there seem to be  more fishy things going on that night than just dinner….


A duo of our favorite Crab & Spinach Dip p

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