Sunday arrived and with it….The Super Bowl….and unlike last year’s game in which the Packers from Green Bay were victorious, I really didn’t have a horse in this race….I really didn’t like either team….but as most true fans of the game I was hoping for a good close game that would be worth watching in between all those crazy Super Bowl commercials…


For a lot of people the Super Bowl is a reason to get together, have a party and enjoy a lot of things besides the game….I do enjoy a good party but for some reason the Super Bowl brings out the hermit in me….especially if my Packers are involved….the first year The Wife and I were married, the Packers were playing the Broncos in the Super Bowl…..Favre vs. Elway……The Wife thought it would be a good time to have a party……have some friends over……enjoy some great food and watch the hubby’s favorite team play for the title…..

She seemed excited to be planning this big bash to watch the game….somewhere between figuring out who to invite and what to serve, I informed her that she could do as she pleased…..but….I would be watching the game elsewhere…..by myself…..she looked at me like I had taken a little trip around the goofy-park….I told her that because it was the Packers that I would be so nervous that: 1) I wouldn’t even really enjoy the game…and ……2) That having other people over would just make me that much more anxious….


Sorry Sweetie…..that’s how FatJoe rolls….

I spent the game in the bedroom watching while she was in the living room…..as it became apparent that the Packers were going to lose, she stuck her head in the door and asked, rather nervously, if she needed to lock up all the sharp objects in the house…..as sad as I was I reassured her that I would not be committing any life-threating acts on that particular day….

We have been to a couple of Super Bowl parties since then, but I just would rather sit at home and watch than be in a room full of people, half of whom can’t even tell you who’s playing in the big game…

At least last year I did sit in the same room with The Wife while the Pack took out the Steelers…..I paced and wouldn’t eat anything…..I know deep down somewhere that me not sitting, not eating, and wearing a particular shirt has a lot to do with the Packers winning and losing….although it didn’t seem to help much this year….even changing shirts after half-time didn’t seem to turn the Packers around…..maybe I wasn’t pacing in the right pattern around the house….

With Green Bay out of the Super Bowl this year, I at least could enjoy some food while we watched….we decided on getting some BBQ and Rudy’s was the place we headed to….since the game was later in the day we figured we could pick up something for lunch and then something to enjoy during the game….after we got home from church I was elected to go and was surprised when I got there that for being a Sunday at lunchtime, it wasn’t that crowded….


I got in line and scanned the menu board and decided for lunch I would enjoy a chopped brisket sandwich….The Wife had put in her order for a BBQ loaded baked potatoe…..for the game I went with a half of a regular sausage link and a half of a jalapeño sausage link….and then top that off with some pork ribs….I grabbed me some ‘Nanner-Puddin’ and some cobbler for The Wife….

The bags were full and smelled wonderful as I loaded them into the car and headed back home….when I got back we sat down to lunch and my chopped brisket sandwich was pretty darn good…..Rudy’s has two sauces……Regular Sauce & Sissy Sauce……the Regular has a little kick to it and is the better of the two, in my opinion…..anything that makes your nose run a little…is ok in my book….

We watched a movie between lunch and the game….not really having an interest in either team I wasn’t interested in all the pre-game hype….the movie was The Warrior…..if you liked Rocky….you’ll like this…..was good…..worth the $1.20 rental….

As the game began we snacked a little trying to wait ’till halftime to eat the rest of the Q….I sorta went back and forth on who I wanted to win….as the Giants took the 9-0 lead I was suddenly wanting the Patriots to rally and catch up….Tom Terrific worked his magic and the halftime score was 10-9…in favor of the boys from New England….

While Madonna was being carried out for her halftime show, I grabbed my sausage and ribs and after heating them up sat down to watch the one time Queen of Pop do her thing….for halftime shows it wasn’t bad…..wished she had done more of her stuff from when I was known as “Dr. Disco”…..


I dug into my food and for what it is….Chain BBQ……Rudy’s is really good…..the sausage was flavorful and the jalapeno, when dipped in the Regular sauce, brings some decent heat….the ribs were tender and had they not been sitting in my refrigerator for a few hours I’m sure they would have fallen off the bone…mixing the sauces on each bite I scarfed is all down…..

Would I ever rate Rudy’s as one of the top BBQ joints……no…..but they’re kinda hanging around that second tier….sorta in the same League as Spring Creek BBQ…..always good enough when you need a fix….


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