I was invited to a function on Thursday night….part of that function was a Chili Cook-Off….anytime there are people competing to cook something you can bet you’ll be able to find some dang good chow….

My two good friends…..brothers, Bubba and Sean, were who had invited me and Sean was actually one of the competitors cooking chili….you might remember these two guys from my blog on the Denny’s BACONALIA….this is where I got to experience the Bacon Sundea…..Sean was also a part of my Chicken and waffle blog about Furr’s breakfast buffet….

While I’ve known Bubba now for what seems forever, Brother Sean and I have connected on that deep level called the FOOD PLANE…..he appreciates a good meal and has many of the same tastes that I do when it comes to stuffing something to eat into one’s mouth…

So, when I found out he had brewed up some of the evening’s fair, I had to have some of his chili…

We passed through the line and grabbed a bowl, spoon, some Fritos and began to figure out which of the numbered chilis was Sean’s….there were 10 to choose from and they all looked and smelled incredible… Sean, after a labored investigation determined that #6 was indeed his…I asked to have some of # 6 spooned into my bowl…..there were onions and cheese to add to your chili…..I’m usually not an onion guy but on this particular night added both them and the cheese to my #6….

Now good chili should be harty, have a little kick to it, it needs to be meaty, and for the most part “good” chili should be WOB…..(without beans)…..now I won’t lie and say I’ve never enjoyed a bowl of chili that had beans in it…..but every True Texan that’s worth his/her weight in chili would rather have it WOB!!

From the first bite Sean’s creation had every one of those listed criteria….it was thick, had a kick, was very meaty and thar weren’t a bean in sight….and as I took my first bite it was very smooth going in….but on the back-end….where it hits your throat….the kick showed up…..and it was ohhhhh sooooo fine……I looked over at him and said, “Loved the kicker on the back end”……smiling, he said, “Let’s just hope the judges do too…”

His chili had a great flavor and was spiced just right….and he had a secret ingrediant…..DEER MEAT….. a combo of 80/20 ground meat, mixed with Deer Meat….

Deer Meat is very underrated…..if you ever get to sink your teeth into some Back-Strap…..there ain’t much better eatin’ than that…..Deer Jerky is very good too….

We all got finished with our chili about the same time and then were told that there was some great bread pudding to be had….so we trashed our bowls and made our way to the bread pudding line….we each scooped up some, drizzled it with icing and headed back to our table…

The initial bite was full of cinnamon and almost overwhelmed you….but as you continued eating it seem to grow on you…..each bite a little better than the last…by the last bite you were wanting more….but alas….being in a room full of guys I didn’t know, I didn’t want to appear piggish (normally that wouldn’t be an issue)…

Having finished our meal we retired and awaited the judges’ decision….after a few nervous minutes it became obvious that things must have been rigged as Sean didn’t finish in the top three…..what had the world come to??

But the New World Order teaches us that we’re all winners….right??? Sean picked up his participation trophy and like those little leagues that choose not to keep score, he felt sorta hollow inside….but….life goes on….

In the end it was obvious that justice had not been served… but Sean, being the trooper that he is, will live to fight another day….I just hope he will always give FatJoe a call when there’s chili being cooked….

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