Growing up in my house we had our own special version of the Holy Trinity….God, John Wayne and Andy Griffith….

Now Moma’s dad was a Baptist preacher….old school Baptist preacher…..if he couldn’t preach you into Heaven….nobody could…..so the God thing was pretty much a given….

Moma loves John Wayne….and we grew up watching all those great westerns…. I know I’ve seen most of his movies many many times…..now a few of the old black-n-whites may have slipped by but I would say that most of his movies from the 50’s on were seen and re-seen in my house….my faves are and this would be top to bottom…..1) The Cowboys….2)Rio Bravo….3) El’ Dorado….4) The Sons Of Katie Elder…5) The Alamo….6) True Grit….


The Cowboys was a favorite from the first time I saw it…..and I know Rio Bravo and El’ Dorado are almost interchangable…..but I liked Dean Martin more than I did Robert Mitchum and loved the singing scene with Dean and Ricky Nelson (Rio Bravo)….and my friend Bubba would argue with me that the Jeff Bridges version of True Grit was soooooooooooooo much better than the John Wayne version….to that I say….HORSE HOOEY…..while I’ll give him some of the supporting cast was a lot better in round two……however, Jeff Bridges is and never will be John Wayne……case closed…..


Now that gets us to Andy Griffith….to be more specific The Andy Griffith Show….to be even more specific the black-n-white Andy Griffith Shows….

There were times where Andy came on at least four times a day and we watched ’em all…..and in the course of seeing those shows over and over I grew to love each and every character that passed through Mayberry….well almost every one…..(more about that later)…the cast of regulars from Andy, Opie, Barney and Aunt Bee were wonderfully played….then you had that second tier of folks like Otis, Floyd, Gomer, Goober and Thelma Lou who added additional layers to the fabric of Mayberry …..but what made Andy an even more incredible show is those characters who would show up on occasion or sometimes even just once to add even more to the comic genius that was Andy Griffith….

First of all there’s Barney Fife….probably the greatest character of all time in any TV sitcom…..he could be funny in so many different ways…..from reciting the preamble to the Constitution to just musing his hair….Don Knotts deserved every Emmy he won…..



But when you think about those characters that just sorta slipped in and out of Mayberry for brief moments you are amazed at the impact they had….The Darlings ( that family from the hills that sang their for their supper), to Mayor Pike (the better of Mayberry’s two mayors), Mr. Shump (who never said anything), to Leon ( who always had a peanut butter sandwich and who was Ron Howard’s real little brother), to Barney’s cousin Virgil, Raff Holister (the moonshiner who had a wonderful singing voice), and last but surely not least Daphney and Skippy – The Fun Girls…..

Each and everyone of those characters was halarious…..and for whatever reason they were in Mayberry they made that half hour fun to watch….


Now I do have a bone or two to pick with Sheriff Andy….after season one Andy sorta lost his country-fied-ness….he suddenly began to speak with a little less good’ol’boy twang and really became a straight man for Barney….which still worked but….I really liked Andy less after season one….then there was Helen Crump…..who’s last name was so bad because she was only suppose to be in one episode (had they only stuck to that plan)……from the moment Andy and Helen hooked up, Andy became a very henpecked man….a lot of episodes from the TAHC (TIME AFTER HELEN CRUMP) revolved around Andy trying to pull himself out of hot water with a jealous Helen….and to be perfectly honest of all the women they had for Andy to date over the years….Helen was kinda…..DOGGY……and we won’t even begin to touch how not really good TAGS (The Andy Griffith Show) became when Barney left and we got what we called at my house….Colored Andy……we didn’t like Colored Andy too much (sorry no racial thing there)…these were were the Andy shows in Color….


I’ve watch so much Andy that I love to dialog along with the show…..drives The Wife crazy……so we don’t watch much Andy together at my house….you’ve never heard anything as sweet as FatJoe dialoging along with Deputy Barney Fife…..”Nip it…..Nip it……”

No how are we working in food into this discussion??

Well in one particular episode of The Andy Griffith Show, Opie was excited because the Taylors were having overnight guests and he was going to get to sleep on the ironing board between two chairs…..”Adventure Sleepin’…..”


And sometimes you have to put that ol’ ironing board between the two chairs and have some “Adventure Eatin’….”

I was at Hyde’s Cafe in Old Town Spring with a group of guys and as I’m trying to work my way through the menus of my favorite spots…..I passed over my usual cheeseburger and I went with the Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato samich…..I added some cheese and topped things off with some of Hyde’s famous onion rings…..I took my seat with my buds and waited…..

Hyde’s will never ever be known for getting your food to you in what one might call a “speedy” manor….however they clearly state that “This ain’t McDonalds”….so if it’s fast you want…..get the heck out……but, I’m here to tell you…..it’s worth every moment you have to wait for your food….

My samich arrived in the usual red and white paper lined plastic basket……it looked delish sitting there surrounded by those golden fried onion rings…..I picked it up and brought it to my mouth…..Aunt Bee would have been proud to have served this to the Lady’s Garden Society of Mayberry…..the bread was lightly toasted, the lettuce and tomatoes fresh and the bacon incredible…..not overly crisp or salty but it was the king of my BLT…..


Now the adventure came in because when you saw this samich you knew……that it was gonna end up messy…..you knew it was full of some good ol’ mayo and that by the time you were finishing it up it would be all over the place…..and by golly it did not disappoint…..my fingers and face were covered in mayo as I took my last few bites….it was a fiver….(took five napkins to finish)…..the more napkins, the better in my book…..


I think Hyde’s is a place Andy and Barney would have hung out in…..on those nights of patrolling they would have stopped in for a burger and eventually like Juanita (Barney’s gf on the side) Deputy Fife would have tried making a date with the waitress…..the food is just Mayberry good…..and every once in a while you have to sleep between the chairs on the ironing board…..


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