The latter part of Spring Break found me craving some BBQ…..now that I’m trying to become less of a FatJoe, those days of BBQ marathons have slacked off somewhat….however, after a week of being pretty good on the diet I broke down and had a MINI BBQ TOUR….two new spots to be exact….

The first was a place I stumbled across on the internet….not even sure what I was looking up….but there it was…..and anytime there’s a new BBQ joint I’m all over that….

It is called The Corkscrew…located on Budde Road in The Woodlands….

From the website I could see that there was no building and that this was an outdoors operation….well, if you know anything about FatJoe, you know that fact would never ever be a deterrent for me….I mean I’ve raved about joints in gas stations for—-ever…..one of the first Triple D spots I went to was a 5 star place called Chef Point Cafe in a Conoco station in Watauga (outside of Ft. Worth)…..and one of my favorite BBQ joints of all time, Waller County Line, serves TO_DIE_FOR BBQ out of a Shell station….so a joint working from a trailer outside……ain’t nothin’ but a thang….

Budde Road is right off of the Sawdust side of Rayford/Sawdust in The Woodlands….so, it was quite easy to find….and sure enough The Corkscrew is one big-dang trailer….there is a permanent small screened in building that houses the smoker and about 10 or so umbrella-covered picnic tables…..it’s off the main road so traffic noise isn’t an issue….and there is Country Music drifting through the air so any road noise is covered up by songs of drinkin’, and loosing your wife….

There were a few people sitting and eating and a couple of people waiting to order….always a good sign when there are actual people at a spot….especially at lunch time….a sure tell-tell sign that a place is gonna stink is an empty building….or in this case…..an empty…..patch of ground…..so, it was good to see others there eating and enjoying the food….

Even with it being outdoors you could smell the meat smoking…..I soooo love that smell….. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite smell between smoking meat at a BBQ joint or that smell of frying bacon first thing in the morning at a campsite…..maybe some day I’ll have a line of cologne featuring…
“Smokin’ Meat” and “Campsite Bacon”…..women might not care for those….but every guy who is a guy would love ’em…..

I made my way to the little open window/counter in the trailer and while I was waiting my turn I checked out the menu board……..it looked like your typical BBQ joint menu….sandwiches and plate lunches….and the prices were about what you’d expect….I decided on my usual and when I got up to the window ordered a two meat combo….brisket and sausage…the lady behind the window asked if I wanted lean or moist brisket…..I went with moist….and for my sides I chose potato salad and cole slaw…

I took my diet coke to my table and clicked off a few pictures while I waited for my food….it was nice and overcast so the heat was not a problem…..it wasn’t long and they were calling me up to get my order…I walked up and instead of a plate they had everything wrapped in foil….kinda different but different can be just fine…..I took everything back to my table and un-wrapped and checked out what things looked like….looked pretty darn good…

You could see the brisket was moist, however it was pretty thinly sliced and I’m not talking about the thickness but the width…from top to bottom….but I guess that’s how they roll and even though I’m used to a bigger slice of meat if it tasted good then all would be forgiven….the sausage looked good, as well and there were onions, jalapeno and pickles wrapped up with the meat….

The sides and the sauce were in little plastic containers and the bread (2 slices of white bread) were wrapped in their own little sheet of foil…there was a little plastic sleeve that had the napkin, fork and knife included…

Being a sausage guy, my first taste was “NAKED SAUSAGE” (without any sauce)…..the casing had a nice snap and the sausage was spiced just right….I wouldn’t say this was the best I’d ever had but it was very very good….

I then cut a piece of the brisket….and I just used the plastic fork…..again “NAKED” and popped it in my mouth….this was where the game changed….this was some serious brisket….it litterally melted in my mouth…..moist beyond belief and tender isn’t an adequate enough word to describe it….I’ve had some really great brisket over the last year and I would have to put this right at the top….absolutely no sauce was required on this stuff….whatever this guy is doing to his brisket is truly an example of an Artist creating a masterpiece of meat…..

After letting myself come down off my meat-high, I dug into the potato salad….it was very good….almost a mashed potato salad….very creamy…..I then moved to the cole slaw….and it was a bit of a disappointment…..not much flavor…..I think I’d forgo the slaw next time and try the BBQ’d beans….

I sampled the pickles, onions and jalapeno and all were fresh and would have made any old school BBQ joint proud…

On my next go round I dipped my sausage into the sauce and found to be a very vinergary based sauce…..so it had a twang to it…..I liked it on the sausage and I thought it took away from the brisket….

As I was getting to the end of my meal the guy (the BBQ Artists) was walking around handing out samples of their featured dessert…..Apple Cobbler….now, I was trying to be good and not go down the desert aisle…..but it was only a little sample and…..what the heck…..I’ve got will power…..don’t I?

After I had wolfed down the last of the brisket I licked my fork clean and tried the Apple Cobbler…..

How evil can people be?????

Oh my lord…..this stuff was fantastic!!!!

Not sure how much butter was used but ……you could just taste the buttery goodness that ooozed from each and every bite….and before I knew it I was standing before the little window ordering a desert to go….yeah….I got will power……

As I was ordering the desert from….not really sure what word to use here……I could say the desert from Heaven….cuz it was divinely good….or I could say the desert from…..yes….Hell…..cuz it sooooooooooo tempted me off my diet…..anyhow…..as I was ordering I was able to talk to the cook some and offered my enthusiastic praise of his brisket…..I told him it didn’t need any sauce and he stated that that was his intention…..said he’d been working to perfect his brisket for the past few years….my response was….he had achieved brisket perfection…..

This joint is worth a stop if you’re in the area…..it’s worth a drive if you just wanna have some great brisket…..

If you’re like me….it’s not what the joint looks like or even if there’s a roof and some walls involved….it’s all about the “Q”….

The other joint I checked out will be covered next….stay tuned….same Fat Channel…..same Fat Time…..



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