These are just a few little random things….I thought about calling this odds-n-ends….but anyone who knows anything about BBQ knows that Burnt Ends are some of the best “Q” you can eat…..the are the little crusty burnt “ends” of brisket…and in some joints you can have them served up…..

The first of these little extras has to do with one of my good friends at school….let’s call him Mr. BOTH (Bring On The Heat)…cuz he is the king of anything spicy and hot….the hotter the better in his book….I watched him devour 6 of the hottest wings on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings and he never even flinched….he’s also brought me some home-made wings one time with 8 different hot sauces on them….I cried the whole time I was eating them but they were so good I couldn’t stop….the people eating lunch with me were laughing at my tormented pleasure….



One day last week he showed up in my room with some more homemade delights….crawfish, porkloin, sausage, a rib, potato and a mini cob of corn….they were in a big baggie and you could smell the spicy goodness through the plastic….I tucked the baggie away and decided to take it home and have the homemade meal for supper….that night I heated everything up in the microwave and while it was warming up it made the house smell like coonass heaven….I removed the steaming plate and set it on the table….I made my way to some of the peeled crawfish first and after one bite I knew I was really in for a treat….it was spiced perfectly and since it was already shelled I wasn’t going to have to work to enjoy my prize….the porkloin was next and again Mr. BOTH had outdone himself….tender and succulent…..the rib was next and he had told me he was working on perfecting his rib making…..well….there’s always room for some improvement…..but he’s well on his way…..even after a day of being baggied and refrigerated the rib pulled easily from the bone and was very tasty….I then sank my choppers into some of the sausage and found it smoked and spicy….the corn and the potato were like icing on a cake….they had absorbed a lot of the flavors from everything else and the mixture of flavors dancing in my mouth was beyond delightful……

I wish to thank Mr. BOTH for his generous offering…..He is now an official FatJoe favorite chef…..

My next work buddy….will be known as….DA’MAN…..cuz he’s one of the Assistant Principals at my school….it doesn’t take long talking to him to find out he’s an outdoors kinda guy….loves to be outside and one of those things he loves to do is hunt….

It was the middle of the day and I was starving….diets have a tendency to make you hungry….but that’s good for you……right???…..anyway I was on the verge of passing out from lack of nutrition when DA’MAN shows up with….wanna guess???….another baggie of goodies….this time is was some Deer Jerky….one of God’s most excellent creations…..he told me it was Red Stag and that it had me dehydrated for a good long time before it had been Jerky-fied…..now jerky is always gonna be sorta tough….it’s meant to be…..you should always have to tug on it with those canines and then chew it a little while…..it’s the cowboy way…..and this stuff did not dissapoint….just tuff enough to make it good jerky…..and talk about something hitting the spot….OH MY LORD…..extree-good…..


The other two little Burnt End items have to do with some new products I am using to enhance the flavors of most all foods I eat at home now….one is something that Mr. BOTH shared with me and the other is something I found at of all places a Marshals…

Mr. BOTH gave me some stuff called Mango Habanero Hot Sauce…it is distributed through Hubbel & Hudson….this is some incredible stuff…..if you are a fan of hot that has a sweet twist to it…..this is the stuff for you….the first thing that happens in your mouth is that sweet mango kinda teases your tongue and then the heat sorta kicks the door in…..but its not overbearing and the heat never overpowers the sweet….this stuff is great on just about anything…..I’ve had it on pork chops, in soup, on eggs, salad, and tacos….it is defiantly worth a trip to Hubble & Hudson to grab some of this…


The other great little sauce I’ve discovered is a hot sauce by Rufus Teague…I was escorting Moma and The Aunt on a day of shopping and Marshals is always on their list of places to visit when they drive up to the Big City….while they were snooping through the housewares I found an end cap with some BBQ items on it….as I looked through the tongs, gloves and spatulas I spotted a bottle of sauce….an old medicine bottle styled container it was dark red and had Ol’ Rufus Teague’s pic on the lable….apparently Rufus use to make this sauce in an old pot and his buddies soon were asking for it….it was $4.99 for the bottle….and I figured it would either be a great buy at that price or if it stunk it would make a cool bottle just to have around….well low and behold…..Ol’ Rufus made some pretty dang good sauce….. I bought the Blazin’ Hot variety and while it isn’t blow you away hot it’s got a nice little kick and a very good rich flavor….it was wonderful on some wings The Wife fried up one night….Rufus has a whole line of stuff and if you’ll just look up Rufus Teague online you can find a bunch of places that carry his line of sauces and rubs…..


Well that’s bout it for the Burnt Ends…..just a couple of guys I wanted to thank for hooking me up with some great eats…..and a couple of things I’ve been using that I thought some of you might like to give a try…..

Till next time…..keep your powder and your pants…..dry….



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