The second leg of my little Mini-BBQ-Tour over spring break took me to another spot in The Woodlands….Mama J’s BBQ & Grill….

I was in Academy the Friday of spring break and the the guy helping me check out struck up a conversation about what I was going to be doing the rest of the day…..I told him I was about to go try a new BBQ joint called The Corkscrew….he had heard of it but had never been….he then told me about this other spot that I should try out (word of mouth when it comes to BBQ joints is a wonderful thing)….he said they had a dish called “cheesy taters” that was really good…..I asked him where it was and he told me and so I made a mental note to check out Mama J’s as soon as possible….

Well when Saturday rolled around The Wife and I were out and about and she asked what I wanted for lunch….I threw out that I’d heard about a new BBQ joint and if I was getting to pick….that’s where I wanted to go….she was agreeable and so off we went…it’s located at 3091 College Park Drive, in a shopping center off 242 (not far off of I45)….

We pulled in, walked through the doors and found it to be very nice….the dining area is large with a few TV’s up and plenty of seating…..the food is served cafeteria style with a trays and a serving line with the food displayed for you to pick from…..there was a menu board behind the counter and The Wife and I both studied it while the smell of BBQ wafted through the air…..

I was sorta in a sammich kinda mood so I was drawn to the portion of the board that listed what types of sammiches they offered….there were two that caught my eye…the first was called The Megatron…..chopped brisket with cheesy taters….and the other was The Wicked Papa J….3 meats and cheesy taters….I went with The Wicket Papa J…..

The sammich is constructed like this….both spicy and regular sausage, brisket and pulled pork all covered with their cheesy taters….this is all layered in between a jalapeño sourdough bun (you may also choose the regular bun)….they don’t skimp on the innards…..this is one big sammich….a huncher…..meaning you’ll have to hunch over your plate to pick it up and bring it to your mouth….

The Wife went with the chopped brisket plate…with a side of the cheesy taters….

We got our plates, filled our glasses and found a table where we could watch some of March Madness while we ate….as we sat The Wife caught her first glance of my sammich….I got the….”You’re really not gonna eat all that” look….but I paid it no mind….I was determined to consume as much as I could and still walk out on my own two feet….

I wrapped my hands around this massive amount of bread, BBQ and taters, smiled and lifted it to my mouth….the first of many dribbles down my hands began to flow as I opened my maw and shoved as much inside as I possibly could…in the immortal words of Adam Richman (host of Man v. Food), “Oh my goodness…..Oh my goodness….”this was good….it’s really hard to describe the flavor party that was going on inside my mouth….you could defiantly taste the sweet and heat from the bun, then the cheesy taters danced through followed by a all of the Q flavors at once….the combo of all that at once was delcious…..it all blended and melded into one ginormous flavor extravaganza…..

And there in lies the problem….the flavors were so combined that it would be impossible to tell you how good or maybe not so good the BBQ was….

Don’t get me wrong….this is one great sammich….one that I will order many more times…..but to sit here and tell you the state of the Q…..that would be very hard…

I assume it was good stuff….unless the bun and taters were just covering up some mediocre BBQ….it was messy and the more you ate the more it all sorta just mushed together……but mushing is a very good thing…..

Now The Wife did say her chopped brisket was better with sauce on it…again not necessarily anything wrong with that….I tried it and found it pretty good but there again my taste buds were on overload….so I’m not sure my judgement is very reliable…

We finished up with deserts….The Wife got some cobbler and I went with the Green St. Paddy’s Day nanner puddin’….both were good but the cobbler was better….

I guess this is one time I can’t really tell you what I think of the BBQ and Mama J’s….I can tell you that they make one great sammich….and the cheesy taters are everything the guy at Academy said they were….the place is nice and the people as friendly as can be….I spoke to both Mama and Papa J and found them to be all about making the visit to Mama J’s as good as it could be….

I will defiantly go back…and that’s really all a place should be trying to do….get you to come back…..


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