When it comes to college sports at the FatJoe house, things have been pretty lopsided with The Wife’s team usually on top….

She’s a Texas Longhorn and I’m a Baylor Bear….now I know what you’re thinking…..”Well FatJoe…doesn’t that mean you’re a lot smarter than she is?”…..

Not so fast….

I’d have to admit….in a true moment of honesty….she may be a little smarter than I am…..dispite her collegiate credentials ….

Every year we’ve had a little holiday tradition that whoever’s team beats the other in the annual Longhorn vs. Bear football get-together, gets to place their school’s Christmas ornament highest on our Christmas Tree…for the first 11 years of our wedded bliss, her little Longhorn holiday ball always got the highest spot…..and it wasn’t until two years ago when the Bears finally won a game that we discovered….LOW & BEHOLD….we didn’t even have a Bear holiday ball…..go figure….

But the last two football seasons have seen the team from Waco enjoy some success, not only football (RG3….nuff said) but men’s and women’s basketball (Lady Bears the 2012 NCAA National Champs!!!!) as well…..so for the first time in my lifetime….it’s really good to be Da’ Bears….

Now our completions don’t limit themselves to just the ol’ college gridiron…..every year we also like to compete in our own version of BRACKET-OLOGY…and again. in a moment of brutal honesty….she usually kicks my FatJoe Butt….

This past year was no different…..she had me beat by the end of the first round…..I did try to pull the ‘ “I thought our bet was on whose team got further in the tournament” ploy…but that didn’t fly….

So, I quickly found myself owing The Wife a home-cooked dinner….

I suggested that I could grill a couple of steaks and then add some sort of light salad or veggie to keep things sorta in the diet-frame-of-mind….she agreed and early last week I made my way out onto the back patio and for the first time this season cleaned and began to fire up the grill…

I opened the grill and began scrapping away whatever had been the last thing we cooked outside….it wasn’t too bad and before long I was heating up the charcoal in the little “smoke-stack”… this is a wonderful invention to get your coals going pretty quickly…..soon I was spreading the white hot coals out…I also added a little smoker box of water-soaked apple wood chips…..the first thing to go on the grill were some shish kabob of green pepper, onion and fresh pineapple…they looked quite lovely as they began to sizzle a little on the grill…


I went back in and grabbed the steaks…..the more I watch shows on the Food Network, the more I see those “who know” keeping things very simple when it comes to preparing steaks to cook…so, I simply went with brushing on some extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkling with kosher salt and some pepper…by this time the timer was sounding to go turn the kabob…..they looked wonderful and I began to think that losing this bet might not be such a bad thing…I mean yeah, my manhood had been bruised…. getting beat by The Longhorn Wife…..but, I was gonna be chowing down on some pretty dang good stuff…..and surely my ego could take a little knock when the payoff is some cooked cow-flesh….


We finished grilling the kabobs and took them off and gently replaced them with our steaks…..I love that sound….the sizzle…..and to be sure the sound of a steak or a burger on the grill is about the best sizzle there can be…..but the absolute best sizzle is bacon frying in a pan…..maybe we disagree on this….but….either way….it’s a Heavenly sound that fills the air and our Hearts with anticipation that something wonderful is about to happen….(I know…..I can be very deep at times…..I think I hear Hallmark calling)

We both like our steaks on the rare side….mine can still be mooing when the bring it to me….but tonight we were going with four minutes on each side…..and those eight minutes seemed to drag on for ever as we set the table and finished getting ready for my pay off of our little wager…


The steaks finally came off and another little trick from the experts is that you should let your steak rest (or sit) for about as long as you cooked it….it lets the juices settle back into the meat….I was floored over the holidays when watching Gordon Ramsey (one of my new faves) as he was preparing his holiday turkey….after it cooked he let is set for about just as long as he had cooked it….his reasoning was even if the turkey cooled off you were serving it with piping hot gravy that would heat it back up…..so the Power Phrase for today is…..LET YOUR MEAT REST.,,

We almost made the additional eight minutes (about 6.30) but couldn’t wait any longer …so we loaded our plates and sat down…The Wife had made a mushroom sauce for the steaks and I spread some over my chunck-o-beef….all looked good and after the first bite….my debt had been settled….


I must say I had done a pretty decent job on the grilling…..The Wife is the Obi-Wan of the grill in our little slice of The Galaxy Far Far Away….but on this day….FatJoe had come through….the meat was tender and because of the simple prep the flavor of the beef was what came through….the sauce was a nice addition to the steak and the pineapple, peppers and onions were the icing on the cake….a forkfull of everything was truly delightful…..

I guess sometimes even in loosing you can still win….and even though I’ll have to go through another year of hearing how The Wife is the Queen of the Bracket….I can take solace in the fact that although I was on the short end of the stick….I still got to reap the benefit of the Winner’s Circle….

Being FatJoe….is a good thing…..

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