There are some words that, at least in my humble opinion, should never be used in the same sentence……

Some examples…..”Dallas Cowboys….America’s Team”, “Reality…..TV”, “Unbiased….Reporting”……

These are phrases that when used together should cause the hair on the back of your neck (which as I grow older seems to get thicker while the hair on my head thins…..so God, what’s up with that?)….to stand on end….

Another one of these is…..”Fish….Taco”…..for some reason my feeble brain just cannot wrap itself around that being anything but……YUCK…..

I know some of you out there love this combo….but for FatJoe….it just doesn’t and will never work….

So, when The Wife had a suggestion for a new place to go try….she knew that it would be wise to…..leave out part of the joint’s name…..

Wahoo Fish Tacos, became just Wahoo’s…..

See, she can be smart…..sometimes……

And as we travel back over the TimeContinuum…..we can see just how this story unfolds….(wishes Wayne and Garth were here to do the Dream Sequence sounds and motions)

We wanted to eat out with some church friends…..and I’ll call them The K’s…..there are some very famous “K’s”…..you have Coach K from Duke basketball and then there’s Special K….and these people are every bit as uptown as either of those other two….

When The Wife was setting this up she asked where we wanted to go and it was Mrs. K that suggested, non-other than FatJoe, himself, come up with a place to eat…..I mean I am a world renown blogger…(sorry….can’t think with all your gagging out there….)…my initial suggestion was Wunsche Bros. in Old Town Spring…..but it was actually The Wife which came up with Wahoo’s _________ __________ (insert Fish Tacos) which she left out….

I’m all about trying a new joint so the idea of trying something new and getting to spend some time with old friends sounded like the perfect way to spend Good Friday afternoon…so we left the house and in about 20 minutes arrived at……”WHAT THE…..?”

“What’s this fish tacos deal”, I asked…..

She just smiled and said, “I’ve looked at the menu…..you’re gonna like it….”

We walked in and my first impression was this would be a great spot ona beach somewhere….very…..beachy…..lots of surfboards and beach-type stuff on the walls and hanging from the ceiling…the first impression was this is gonna be a fun place to eat…..fish tacos be danged….

We found a seat and set up waiting for The K’s….we had menus and after a few minutes of sitting we decided to order some appitizers….the menu list all looked good but in the end we went with the Baja Rolls and the Maui Onion Rings….you have to go to the counter to order so I stepped up and placed the order…..

We waited and I snapped of a few shots of the room and enjoyed some ESPN on the telly….it wasn’t long before the appetizers arrived and they looked delicious….

The Baja Rolls are cream cheese, spinach, chicken and salsa rolled in a large lard-free flour tortilla…..then cut and served with a dipping sauce….the Maui Onion Rings are crunchy beer battered and you can order ranch sauce to dip them in….

We both started with the Baja Rolls….we dipped and they are very good….you can tell the ingredients are fresh and the flavors work well together…..I kinda go back and forth on things like this….while I’m glad we ordered them…not sure they would be a first choice for me again…..

The Maui Onion Rings are a ‘nother matter all to-get-her…..golden brown and fried perfectly…..a great crunch and wonderful flavor….the onions don’t slide out of the batter and so with each bite you get to enjoy the batter and the onion……they really don’t need to be dipped…..but they are very excellent that way too….

About this time The K’s showed up and after a moment or two catch up we began to look through the menu for what our main courses might be….and while the fish taco thingy kinda creeps me out….they have a varied menu that has a lot of things that a non fish-tacoy-kinda-guy would enjoy….there are Combo Platers, Wahoo Bowls, Bonzi Burretios, things served A La Carte, Side Kicks and a Kiddie section….

I was drawn to the Combo Platers and in particular….The One Burrito…..large flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of meat and served as is or as I was to find out, you can “wet” the buritto (a wonderful concept)….I chose the carnitas as my meat, the cajun white beans, white rice and then was going with the cheese sauce to make it wet…..when out of nowhere the guy behind the counter says…”You know you can mix the cheese and the green sauce”……



The Wife got some Shrimp Nachos…..

Again we sat and waited….was nice to be with The K’s…..they are one of those sets of friends we really enjoy being around but find our schedules get in the way far to often…..and now that we’ve switched churches we’ll have to double our efforts to see them as often as we can…

Well our food arrived and to say The One Burrito is a big’un….would not do it justice…..it’s a big’un-plus sized….and as I gazed upon its size I had to also take in its beauty…..with that yellow/green coating it had spread all over it…..keeping with the beach theme, The Beach Boys would have been singing “Good Vibrations” all over this burrito……this was gonna be dang-licious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut the hot, soft mass and brought it to my mouth….hot or not….I was diggin’ in….it was……incredible…..the meat, tortillia and sauce played like a symphony in my mouth….Amadeaus could not have orchestrated a better tune than was playing in my mouth…the meat was tender and moist, the cajun white beans added some pop but the kicker was the mix of cheese and green sauce drenched over the burrito…..I would highly recommend that this is how you order this……MIXED WET…..

The Wife’s nachos were great and The K’s seem to clean their plates as well…..Mr. K had gotten the exact same thing as I did….I mean this as no insult to him….but….great minds think alike…..

Now it wasn’t three days later and we were walking through the doors of Wahoo’s once again…..we had been out at The Woodlands Mall and while we were walking back to the car The Wife wondered where I wanted to go for dinner…..I shrugged and said I hadn’t really thought about it and did she have something in mind….needless to say…..that’s how we ended back at Wahoo’s….(since this was spur of the moment…..I didn’t have my camera)

We headed straight for the counter this time and since we were in the diet portion of our week we decided to be “good”….so to speak…..I went with a Wahoo Bowl….blackened fish, the white cajun beans, and white rice…..and in a moment of “no-will power” I ordered some Maui Onion Rings….

We found a table and as we sat we noticed a young man standing at a table behind us…..and it looked like he was entertaining the little boy and his dad with some magic tricks….we watches and sure enough he was making the boy’s pencil and eraser disappear….the boy was delighted because he was suppose to be working on his homework…..hard to work on fractions when your pencil as vanished into thin air…

The magician began to include us in his little act and he was pretty good….apparently he is the Food Manager there at Wahoo’s and had trained as a Magician….he moved from pencils to cards and again seemed to be very good at making them do strange things in his hands….

Our food arrived and about that time he actually moved closer to us to do a few more card tricks….he was very entertaining and towards the end of his little act I told him he should try out for the Texas Renaissance Festival…..there are all sorts of magicians that wander around the grounds, stopping people to watch them…..would it be……MAGISH?

On this particular night, while I liked my Wahoo Bowl, I would say its no where near as good as the burrito….the fish was good and had some nice flavor but they are a little heavy on the rice and soon you have a bowl full of rice and not much else….

The Wife got an enchilada and I must say that it like the burrito is wonderful slathered in the mixed sauces…

I think we’ve found a new “Go-To” joint….the food’s good and really reasonably priced…. both times we got out of there for a little over $20….which for us is almost unheard of…..

The people seem to enjoy working there and if you can get a free magic show outta the deal…..what’s not to like about that??

http://wahoos.com/menu.php (located in the Portifino Shoping Center on I45 near the Sams)

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