We had an occassion to be down in Old Town Spring…not aware that it was the annual Crawfish Festifal….the streets were packed and it seemed that everyone was having a wonderful time eating lots of fried foods and trying to be as coonass as possible….

As we made our way back out to head home I saw out of the corner of my eye…..words that should have been in the lost gospel The Word According to St. Burger….”DONUT BURGER”!!!!

I slowed the car and at that same moment The Wife saw those  same Holy Words, smiled and said…..”Yeah, yeah…..we can come back tomorrow…”

She do know what makes the FatJoe tick…..

Well, Sunday seemed to drag like Christmas Eve when  you’re about 6 and are waiting on St. Nick to show up with goodies from his toy shop….The Wife was out and about and it got to be about 5:30ish and my hopes of feasting on the afore mentioned Donut Burger were fading rapidly….she finally got home and she no more walked in the door than I was dragging her back out heading for Burger Heaven…..

We got there as things seemed to be winding down….but found a place to park and as luck would have it (or maybe it was Devine Intervention) we were right across from the Donut Burger shack…..

Making out way across the street I made a beeline for the counter….the lady behind the little glass panel asked what I wanted and I replied, “Why a Donut Burger, Dear Lady….”

She asked if I wanted lettuce, tomato and pickles and I said I did along with some cheese and bacon….I’d take a combo with fries and a lemonade…

I asked The Wife if she wanted anything when we both noticed the sign on the glass pannel….FRIED OREOS…..and we added some to my order….

I paid and we stepped back and waited for the mana to fall from Above….

We watched the throngs of people moving about the streets and noticed the beginning of the end of the festival as tents were being taken down and boxes were being packed up to be put up or readied to move on to the next festival…..

My burger showed up and my mouth watered…..I could smell the sugar as it melted down the sides of the donut….

We made our way down the street a little ways and found a make-shift table so I could enjoy….I picked up my burger and moaned as my fingers began to stick to the donut…..as I took my first bite I know my knees buckled and I must have swooned….OM- GOODNESS……the sweetness of the donut enhanced the savory tastes of the bacon, cheese and the meat….now in hindsight I would have forgone the lettuce, tomato and pickles….while there’s nothing that could have made this any less fantastic…..the veggies diminished the perfection that was being stuffed into my facehole….

The Wife snapped a few pics for posterity and could no longer stand it….”Ok, let me try it!”…..

Reluctantly I handed over the half of my burger that remained…..She bit into it and couldn’t help but smile….”I get why you like this….it’s really good…”

So, if The Wife approved you know it had to be beyond wonderful!!!!

I was probably not very nice as I grabbed my burger back from her….but I think she understood….

This was almost as good as the Grease  & Weasle at The Shack (formally The Love Shack) in Cypress, Tx….a bacon cheeseburger between two honey buns…..

It is hard to explain the taste sensations that go through ones mouth as you get the sweet and savory dancing around your taste buds…..I highly recommend trying a donut burger as soon as you can….

Oh yeah….the Fried Oreos…..were incredible……golden brown, hot and the white middle all melty…..

Faire food……it is truly the FOOD OF THE GODS….

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