A bright and pleasant Saturday afternoon found The Wife and I out running some errands…always a fun time…..

Around lunch time I suggested we go to The Corkscrew BBQ joint since The Wife hadn’t been yet….I had bragged on the brisket enough that she wanted to give it a try….

With the sun warming an early spring afternoon we made our way to the big trailer and stepped up to the counter….as I looked the menu board over my eyes lighted on the Poncho and Lefty….juciy brisket topped with fresh pico de gallo and creamy mayo….The Wife went with the ribs…..guessing she would get to try some of my brisket….

The lady behind the counter recognized me and said they appreciated my blogging them…..I told her their brisket was really some of the best I’d ever had….and that I was looking forward to trying what I thought was going to be an incredible sandwich….she reminded us to save some room for her peach cobbler…..there was no need to remind us……I was already there…..

We took our drinks and found a table…we let the sun work its magic and enjoyed the mild afternoon…..

Our orders came up….we picked them up and sat back down….I unwrapped my sandwich and was in love before I ever took a bite…I could tell it was going to be messy and dang-licious…..bringing it to my mouth I was not disappointed….the bread was fresh, the pico de gallo spicy, the brisket beyond juicy and the mayo kicked in with a little twang…..The Wife handed me a couple of napkins but I was having none of that…..I wanted this all over my face….I wanted to drip juice…..wanted her to want to change tables because I was making such a pig of myself…I shoveled bite after bite as the sandwich melted in my hands…..there was no way this was going to make it without my foil plate becoming a trough…….

The Wife started her ribs but they weren’t her cup of tea….”I should have gotten the brisket……”she handed one over to me and I thought they were tender and had a nice smoke to them….I did share some of the brisket that had dropped from my sandwich ,,,,,she whole heartedly agreed that the brisket at The Corkscrew is something very special….

I finished my Pancho & Lefty and a few more of her ribs…..we made our way back to the counter and got some of the cobbler…..it was still pretty hot so we decided to take it with us….it made a delicious snack later that evening…..buttery and rich…..and defantly not on the Weight Watchers meal plan…..but what the heck…..you gotta live……

If you haven’t found The Corkscrew yet, you need to make your way to Budde Road just off Sawdust in Spring…..their brisket will be some of the best you’ll ever have…..whatever their secret…..it’s the stuff legends are made of…..

Make sure you leave room for the cobbler….


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