Our last day in Memphis began as gray and rainy….we dodged raindrops on our way to the rental car and began to look for our next food destination…

It was called The Arcade…and it claimed to be Memphis’ oldest cafe…and while it wasn’t a Triple D spot it was featured on Man vs. Food….


We drove through the wet streets of downtown…. it took a little bit but with the aid of our GPS we found it….we parked on the street, made our way in and out of the rain…

We were shown our seats and it was apparent from the first few moments that this place ooooozed history….kinda steppin’ into a time machine back to the days when cafe’s ruled America….you could tell not much had changed since back in the day and it was very cool to be in a place that had been around for…..ever….

The waitress brought our menus and took our drink order….we both went with coffee and water….

As we looked through the breakfast choices we found it hard to choose….there were some wonderful items listed and it was here that you might come to understand the problem with a Food Tour…..as much as you might want to “PIG-OUT’ at a particular joint, you know that just a few hours later you’ll be sitting in another spot having to choose from their menu…..

So, you have to learn to temper  your appetite and not go “HOG-WILD” so to speak…

I found something called the Redneck Breakfast…..four biscuits with four sausages covered in country gravy, two eggs, hash browns and I added a side of bacon….

The Wife went with the World Famous Sweet Potato Pancakes…..they came with hash browns and a side of bacon…

While we waited for our food we chatted about Graceland and how good the fried chicken at Uncle Lou’s had been….it had been a great trip so far…..and we still had Nashville on our horizon….

Our grub showed up and I wasted no time in digging into my gravy covered sausage and biscuits…..yummy for my tummy……this was great stuff…..the gravy was creamy and thick….the sausage had a little spice bite to it and the biscuit was light and flakey……Mee-Ma would have been dang proud…..

I sliced into my over-easy eggs and was about to begin mixing everything together on my plate when I got the sound…..just a foot or two from where I was about jump off into Eatsville…..a throat cleared……I stopped…..my fork hovering mid-air…..I looked up and saw the “I want a taste” look….I smiled and asked…..”Want some?”……

We both sliced off sections for the other to try and I must admit I’m glad she insisted on trading bites…..her sweet potato pancakes were delicious….an unusual taste…..but a very good unusual taste……the sweet potato mix with the warm maple syrup……worked very well together….

I really wanted to clean my plate but was reminded we had a BBQ lunch not too far down the road….one last spot to try in Memphis before hitting the road for Music City, USA…..so, I dropped my fork and chunked my napkin in my almost cleaned plate…..

It was really neat to eat in a place that not only offered great food but had a historical tie to it’s city…Memphis is steeped in history….being a true Son of the South, I appreciate its rich southern heritage……and to be seated in a place that has such deep roots makes one stop and think…..think of all the people that passed through the doors…..history is very cool…..

Memphis is a great place to visit….and The Arcade is a must….

Now for the Brisket Picture of the Week…..

Ok……here’s one more…..


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