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We were on our way back from eating breakfast at The Arcade and sure enough we drive right by Sun Studio…the birthplace of Elvis’ career…..

The Wife makes a u-turn, find a spot to park down the block and walk into the small building…..

As we get inside we are greeted with Wall-To-Wall people…..seems we weren’t the only ones wanting to see where Elvis got his start….it was so crowded it was hard to really stop and look at all the stuff on the walls….and there was some very cool stuff on the walls….just standing in that little studio and considering who had recorded there… was amazing….

We thought about buying tickets for the tour…..but decided against it with the drive to Nashville still ahead of us…..

After getting back to the hotel and packing up, we began our trek to Music City….before leaving Memphis we had one more stop to make…..Lenard’s BBQ…it was another Triple D spot and being on the way outta town… was a perfect way to end our three days in Memphis….

Lenard’s claims to be Elvis’ favorite BBQ joint….many places in Memphis claim to be Elvis’ favorite…..but if you think about how big The King was when he left us….maybe he did have a lot of favorite places…..

Lenard’s is a very nice joint….and might even hover above “joint” status….it is more restaurant than joint but the smell of BBQ fills the air so the fact that it was “nice” didn’t really take away from what I was expecting….

As the hostess showed us our seats, I was suddenly elated to find that this fancy establishment had a truck parked in the dinning room… how more “joint-like” can you be??????

I wanted the table right next to the truck…..I’m so glad The Wife has just accepted her fate and just kinda rolls with FatJoe….isn’t she a lucky girl….

We got our menus and started figurin’ out what we wanted….having just seen the Triple D episode that featured all the Memphis BBQ stops…..I knew I wanted to try some ribs and pork shoulder…..I ordered the ribs with a dry rub and the port shoulder “muddy” or wet……I went with a side of beans and slaw…..The Wife ordered a sliced brisket sandwich….

I snapped a few pics and the waitress returned with our drinks and some hot rolls….you could smell how good these rolls were gonna be….we both reached for the roll basket at the same time…..they were hot…..and with some real butter just inches away….the wait for our BBQ was going to be a good wait…..

They were even better than they looked…..

We scarfed all four rolls down and were just licking our fingers clean when our meals showed up….and from what I was seeing…..the Q looked like it was going to live up to the standard of those rolls….

I started with some of the slaw and found it heavy on the vinager but tasty…..then some beans…..very bbq-ey and good…..

I then dug into the ribs and they were pretty good…..not “Hunka-Hunka-Burnin’-Love” good….but good…..the ribs were tender, moist and the rub had a nice little bite to it….I then forked up some of the pork shoulder…..they were dripping with sauce….the pork was smokey and the sauce tangy….I liked the pork shoulder more than the ribs…..but both were good….

The Wife’s sandwich looked messy…..

Brisket covered in sauce and potato salad…..for the first time she would need more napkins than I would….

As we were leaving the Memphis city limits I took a moment to reveiw what I had eaten…..and there was some great food in Memphis…..I rate Tom’s BBQ, Uncle Lou’s, and The Arcade as “Must-Visits”……Lenard’s as a “Worth-A-Shot”….and Marlowe’s as kinda “Not-So-Much”…..

Can’t wait to go back and try all the other joints……we both agreed that Memphis would be a return visit kinda place….

And now for the Brisket Pics….

She’s growing fast….



This trek begins early on a Saturday morning as we took flight out of Houston International Airport…we were flying into Little Rock, Ark. as the price to fly there was loads cheaper than flying into Memphis….we picked up a rental car and headed down I40 the couple hours to Memphis…..or so……we thought….

About 25 miles outside of Little Rock we found ourselves on our side of a four lane highway and because of construction our side had been reduced to one lane…..and right at that 25 mile mark we came to a stand still….this wasn’t slow-moving traffic….this was no-moving traffic…we sat and watched the wooded scenery not passing by….luckily we had rented a book on tape from a Cracker Barrell and listened to the beginnings of a mystery novel and waited for the 18 wheeler in front of us to inch forward….

After about an hour and a half we began moving again…the road soon opened back to two lanes and we zoomed towards Memphis…Arkansas turns to Tennessee right over the Mississippi River and as we crossed the huge bridge we began our search for Tom’s BBQ & Deli, the first stop in the Triple D Tour…with our trusty Tom-Tom  gps device and a mapquest we made our way into the heart of Memphis…

It wasn’t long before we found Tom’s and after a few outside pics we were strolling towards the counter to order…the building seems to have had the dining area added later…you walk through it down into the  kitchen/ordering area….there is a large menu board hanging on the wall above the counter….

Side note….

What almost seems a miracle about this little journey is that the Friday night before we left the Food Network ran Guy’s Memphis BBQ Tour episode…it was if the BBQ Gods were ordaining our trip….so, just a few hours before we stood in Tom’s BBQ….there was Guy standing in the very same spot….showing us what to order….I almost fell to my knees and offered praise to those who sit in the BBQ Heavens….

I found the Rib Tips, Guy had raved about, and added them to some Ribs to make my two meat combo meal….for sides….well…..this is a very curious thing…..they offer spaghetti….. (a lot of Memphis places do)…..weird, huh?….I added some seasoned fries to complete my BBQ and Italian….

As The Wife was trying to decide, I began to talk to the lady behind the counter…..I told her we had just traveled from Houston to eat at Tom’s….that seemed to impress her and as we made our way to pay the woman taking our money asked about our trip… we were settling up with her she said she would bring us something special while we ate….

The Wife had gone with sausage and rib tips….adding potato salad  and spaghetti….

We got our trays and found a table….and sat with an incredible amount of food…..we were both hungry but even after our long morning travel, neither of us thought we were going to clean our trays….no way.,.,…no how….

I picked up a Rib Tip and began to devour it….OH MY GOODNESS.,….this was beyond fantastic….I couldn’t put it down….with every bite I discovered a depth of flavor that was rich and smokey…..I looked at the wife as she was starting her’s and we both seemed to say….without speaking….this had been worth every mile….

As we were working on our first pieces of BBQ the lady from behind the counter shows up with another plate full of meats….she seemed thrilled to have us all the way from Texas and as she sat the plate down she said she wanted us to try a little of everything….we looked down at the overflowing plate and shook our heads….we were going to eat enough to last the whole trip at the very first place….

We worked on what we could and found it most of it to be wonderful….now there were things that were heads and shoulders above the others but everything we tasted was well worth our trip…

The rib tips and ribs were excelent….the sausage, pulled pork, bologna and spaghetti were good….

If every place was this good…..this was gonna be a trip for the ages…

We left….stuffed and looking forward to a nap…

The nap stretched into the early evening and after the meat overload at Tom’s we were glad that joint #2 was open late….we were gonna need extra time to recover…

As night fell on the Memphis skyline we waddled back out to the car and began the drive to Marlowe’s….neither of us sure if we could eat again…..but…..we were here to eat….and by goodness we were gonna eat!!!

After a few minutes we were driving down Elvis Presley Blvd……and low and behold there was Graceland…..and since we were heading there the next day, finding it was a nice little bonus….

We found Marlowe’s and it was all Elvised-out…..this was a place The King would have loved….

Walking into Marlowe’s is like walking into an Elvis shrine….every inch of this place is dedicated to EP….it’s pretty dang cool….I mean you can think whatever you think about Elvis….but you have to admit…..he changed our music, culture and left his thumbprint on  generations to come….

The waitress showed us to a booth and handed us menus…..Guy had raved about Marlowe’s ribs….but….and I hate to admit this…..I was on BBQ overdose…..Tom’s had been sooooo good and there had been so much of it….. I wasn’t sure if I could shove another piece of smoked meat into my pie hole….

Looking over the menu I wrestled with wanting to complete my mission (trying what Guy had) vs. the unforseen BBQ-Burnout…..

The Wife gravitated to a burger…and after what seemed forever I picked the pulled pork samich….it wasn’t the ribs, but it was BBQ and I would at least get a taste of what Marlowe’s could do….

There was a gift shop near our table so while we waited we made our way inside to see what they had….I found a t-shirt,  to add to my extensive wardrobe… suveniour of choice…

It didn’t take long for our food to show  up and both my samich and The Wife’s burger looked great….

My samich came with sauce on the side and slaw…..a lot of Memphis pulled pork has the slaw piled on the samich….and after tasting the pork with and without the sauce I dumped the slaw on the top….

Now, I will kinda give Marlowe’s the benefit of the doubt…..I had od’d on BBBQ earlier and this wasn’t exactly what Guy had recommend…..but I was less than impressed with this samich….the pork was ok……the sauce was nothing special and the slaw was not what a good Texas joint might serve…. I’ll admit that with each bite I had to remind myself that I prolly wasn’t being fair….Marlowe’s wasn’t getting FatJoe at his BBQ-Best….

The Wife did say the burger was great….and the corn nuggets (deep fried cream corn) were out of this world good….

But for a place that was featured on Triple D…..I was disappointed to say the least….

We did order some Nanner-Puddin’ and I hoped for the best….

This saved the day….this was some good puddin’……as stuffed asa we were we were determined to finish this stuff off….I’m sure somewhere Elvis was smilin’ down on us as we cleaned the bowl….

Well, after two of the joints we had come to conquer, we loved one and I, at least, was lukewarm on the other …..

Tom’s had been everything Guy had said it would be and Marlowe’s wasn’t…..

Day two would begin at Graceland and end in a blues joint on Beale Street…..

The adventure was just beginning….


A couple of Saturdays ago we made our way to the Hill Country to visit The Mother-n-Law and The Captin….just outside Austin is a little community known as Spicewood, Tx….and in Spicewood is a BBQ joint called Opie’s….

We’ve passed Opie’s every time we go to visit and I always make the statement that “The next trip we gotta stop…..”…..and then the next trip comes and goes and still no Opie’s….here have been many reasons…..but mostly it has been because we never time the drive-by at mealtime….

This trip would be different….we were going to leave home so that when we got to Spicewood we would be ready for lunch….

We were meeting The-n-Laws and finally I’d get to try some of Opie’s Q….whether or not Opie-Cunningham-Taylor would have anything to do with what we ate was yet to be seen….

When we arrived the line was already working it’s way out the front door…we walked in to check things out before joining those waiting to order….I made my way to the T-Shirt rack and with The Wife’s help picked out another badge to wear showing another joint I’ve eaten at….after finding one that would become a part of my Fashions Of Food, we got in line and began the trek back inside to chow down….

As you get inside the first thing you’ll notice is that there is one heck of a big smoker just inside the front door….it’s open and there you can see all Opie’s meats from which to choose….it is filled with chicken, sausage, brisket, pork loin and turkey….each and every piece looks smok-eeee-licious….and it smells like heaven on earth…..

A guys stands at the smoker and asks you what you want….we decided to get enough to share between all of us…..brisket, sausage (mild and spicy) and turkey….he cuts pieces for you and puts them on a tray….you then make your way to a cafeteria styled steam table to order sides and desserts….

Besides BBQ, Opie’s is famous for their beans and tater-tot casserole….I limited myself to the beans but The Wife got some TTC….we also ordered some cherry cobbler…

We made our way to a table, put our trays down and then headed to the fixens’ table….the usual things were there plus two huge pots of beans….(Opie’s also has famous white beans….but on this particular Saturday they were out)….we loaded up and finally sat down to eat….

I hit the brisket first and on first bite…was…..not overwhelmed… was good…..had a decent smoke and was pretty moist…..but unless you got a piece with fat it wasn’t…..great….and there wasn’t enough fat to make every bite…..great….

The beans were next and they were as advertised…..very very good….as was the TTC…..

I then cut off some of the spicy sausage (stuffed with jalapeño and cheese) and found it really good…the casing had a great snap and the spice was just right….the regular sausage was like the brisket….good but not great….

I tried some of the turkey and while I’m not a big turkey guy (at least in a Q-sense) this stuff was really good (it was The Wife’s fave)… was moist and had a nice smoke to it…

The sauces they offer are “Hot” and “Regular”….the “Hot” was good but more like a hot sauce (tabasco-like) more than like a spicy bbq sauce….and the “Regular”. again was good…..but only good…

Mother-n-Law had gotten a chopped beef sandmich…and she said it was very good….

The cherry cobbler was very tasty…..and was a nice way to top off the meal….

All-n-All…..I’d say Opie’s was pretty good……they had some strong stuff…..the turkey, the spicy sausage, the beans and TTC were all really really good…..however, the brisket, regular sausage, and sauces were just kinda good….

I will stop again at Opie’s….and maybe this was a case of having built something up in my mind that it couldn’t live up to the expectations….whatever it may be….I doubt I’d get brisket again…..maybe try the ribs or porkloin…..but there is a reason to go back….

Now…..the Kolaches….

In La Grange, Tx there is a Shell gas station (imagine that) that has a bakery in it that bakes and serves some of the best Kolaches, Sweet Rolls, Cookies and Pigs-na-Blankets known to man….it’s called Weikle’s…..and it’s worth a stop if you’re ever within a couple hundred miles of it….now, my friend, Bubba, would tell you that a Kolache is not what many serve…..sausage or ham stuffed inside a roll (a pig-na-blanket)…..but, a square with fruit in the middle….this place covers both deliciously…(your lesson for the day)….

While we were at The-n-Laws they treated us to a Double Stuffed Burger….two patties stuffed with cheese, brisket (from Opie’s) and jalapenos……The Mother-n-Law and The Wife made the burgers and The Captain grilled ’em…and they were fantastic….anytime you can double your meat intake and also stuff some stuff inside…. you’ve got something extr-eee special….

And finally…..the giant squirrel….

Just outside Bastrop (on the Austin side) is a pecan store….they sell all things pecan-ish…..and as we passed it on the way to the Hill Country we noticed their 25 food squirrel standing in front of the building….we both looked at each other and said… unison, “We’re stopping there on the way back…..” and stop we did….it’s not everyday you can have your picture taken beside such a landmark as the Giant Squirrel…..but now I can scratch that off the ol’ Bucket List….

It was a great weekend….we enjoyed the company and another BBQ joint can be added to the list of spots I’ve gotten to try….and when you throw in The Best Little Bakery In Texas (see what La Grange is famous for….you non-Texans) and the Giant Squirrel…..FatJoe’s life is pretty dang sweet…..


A bright and pleasant Saturday afternoon found The Wife and I out running some errands…always a fun time…..

Around lunch time I suggested we go to The Corkscrew BBQ joint since The Wife hadn’t been yet….I had bragged on the brisket enough that she wanted to give it a try….

With the sun warming an early spring afternoon we made our way to the big trailer and stepped up to the counter….as I looked the menu board over my eyes lighted on the Poncho and Lefty….juciy brisket topped with fresh pico de gallo and creamy mayo….The Wife went with the ribs…..guessing she would get to try some of my brisket….

The lady behind the counter recognized me and said they appreciated my blogging them…..I told her their brisket was really some of the best I’d ever had….and that I was looking forward to trying what I thought was going to be an incredible sandwich….she reminded us to save some room for her peach cobbler…..there was no need to remind us……I was already there…..

We took our drinks and found a table…we let the sun work its magic and enjoyed the mild afternoon…..

Our orders came up….we picked them up and sat back down….I unwrapped my sandwich and was in love before I ever took a bite…I could tell it was going to be messy and dang-licious…..bringing it to my mouth I was not disappointed….the bread was fresh, the pico de gallo spicy, the brisket beyond juicy and the mayo kicked in with a little twang…..The Wife handed me a couple of napkins but I was having none of that…..I wanted this all over my face….I wanted to drip juice…..wanted her to want to change tables because I was making such a pig of myself…I shoveled bite after bite as the sandwich melted in my hands…..there was no way this was going to make it without my foil plate becoming a trough…….

The Wife started her ribs but they weren’t her cup of tea….”I should have gotten the brisket……”she handed one over to me and I thought they were tender and had a nice smoke to them….I did share some of the brisket that had dropped from my sandwich ,,,,,she whole heartedly agreed that the brisket at The Corkscrew is something very special….

I finished my Pancho & Lefty and a few more of her ribs…..we made our way back to the counter and got some of the cobbler… was still pretty hot so we decided to take it with us….it made a delicious snack later that evening…..buttery and rich…..and defantly not on the Weight Watchers meal plan…..but what the heck… gotta live……

If you haven’t found The Corkscrew yet, you need to make your way to Budde Road just off Sawdust in Spring…..their brisket will be some of the best you’ll ever have…..whatever their secret…’s the stuff legends are made of…..

Make sure you leave room for the cobbler….!menus

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The second leg of my little Mini-BBQ-Tour over spring break took me to another spot in The Woodlands….Mama J’s BBQ & Grill….

I was in Academy the Friday of spring break and the the guy helping me check out struck up a conversation about what I was going to be doing the rest of the day…..I told him I was about to go try a new BBQ joint called The Corkscrew….he had heard of it but had never been….he then told me about this other spot that I should try out (word of mouth when it comes to BBQ joints is a wonderful thing)….he said they had a dish called “cheesy taters” that was really good…..I asked him where it was and he told me and so I made a mental note to check out Mama J’s as soon as possible….

Well when Saturday rolled around The Wife and I were out and about and she asked what I wanted for lunch….I threw out that I’d heard about a new BBQ joint and if I was getting to pick….that’s where I wanted to go….she was agreeable and so off we went…it’s located at 3091 College Park Drive, in a shopping center off 242 (not far off of I45)….

We pulled in, walked through the doors and found it to be very nice….the dining area is large with a few TV’s up and plenty of seating…..the food is served cafeteria style with a trays and a serving line with the food displayed for you to pick from…..there was a menu board behind the counter and The Wife and I both studied it while the smell of BBQ wafted through the air…..

I was sorta in a sammich kinda mood so I was drawn to the portion of the board that listed what types of sammiches they offered….there were two that caught my eye…the first was called The Megatron…..chopped brisket with cheesy taters….and the other was The Wicked Papa J….3 meats and cheesy taters….I went with The Wicket Papa J…..

The sammich is constructed like this….both spicy and regular sausage, brisket and pulled pork all covered with their cheesy taters….this is all layered in between a jalapeño sourdough bun (you may also choose the regular bun)….they don’t skimp on the innards…..this is one big sammich….a huncher…..meaning you’ll have to hunch over your plate to pick it up and bring it to your mouth….

The Wife went with the chopped brisket plate…with a side of the cheesy taters….

We got our plates, filled our glasses and found a table where we could watch some of March Madness while we ate….as we sat The Wife caught her first glance of my sammich….I got the….”You’re really not gonna eat all that” look….but I paid it no mind….I was determined to consume as much as I could and still walk out on my own two feet….

I wrapped my hands around this massive amount of bread, BBQ and taters, smiled and lifted it to my mouth….the first of many dribbles down my hands began to flow as I opened my maw and shoved as much inside as I possibly could…in the immortal words of Adam Richman (host of Man v. Food), “Oh my goodness…..Oh my goodness….”this was good….it’s really hard to describe the flavor party that was going on inside my mouth….you could defiantly taste the sweet and heat from the bun, then the cheesy taters danced through followed by a all of the Q flavors at once….the combo of all that at once was delcious… all blended and melded into one ginormous flavor extravaganza…..

And there in lies the problem….the flavors were so combined that it would be impossible to tell you how good or maybe not so good the BBQ was….

Don’t get me wrong….this is one great sammich….one that I will order many more times…..but to sit here and tell you the state of the Q…..that would be very hard…

I assume it was good stuff….unless the bun and taters were just covering up some mediocre BBQ….it was messy and the more you ate the more it all sorta just mushed together……but mushing is a very good thing…..

Now The Wife did say her chopped brisket was better with sauce on it…again not necessarily anything wrong with that….I tried it and found it pretty good but there again my taste buds were on overload….so I’m not sure my judgement is very reliable…

We finished up with deserts….The Wife got some cobbler and I went with the Green St. Paddy’s Day nanner puddin’….both were good but the cobbler was better….

I guess this is one time I can’t really tell you what I think of the BBQ and Mama J’s….I can tell you that they make one great sammich….and the cheesy taters are everything the guy at Academy said they were….the place is nice and the people as friendly as can be….I spoke to both Mama and Papa J and found them to be all about making the visit to Mama J’s as good as it could be….

I will defiantly go back…and that’s really all a place should be trying to do….get you to come back…..


The latter part of Spring Break found me craving some BBQ… that I’m trying to become less of a FatJoe, those days of BBQ marathons have slacked off somewhat….however, after a week of being pretty good on the diet I broke down and had a MINI BBQ TOUR….two new spots to be exact….

The first was a place I stumbled across on the internet….not even sure what I was looking up….but there it was…..and anytime there’s a new BBQ joint I’m all over that….

It is called The Corkscrew…located on Budde Road in The Woodlands….

From the website I could see that there was no building and that this was an outdoors operation….well, if you know anything about FatJoe, you know that fact would never ever be a deterrent for me….I mean I’ve raved about joints in gas stations for—-ever… of the first Triple D spots I went to was a 5 star place called Chef Point Cafe in a Conoco station in Watauga (outside of Ft. Worth)…..and one of my favorite BBQ joints of all time, Waller County Line, serves TO_DIE_FOR BBQ out of a Shell station….so a joint working from a trailer outside……ain’t nothin’ but a thang….

Budde Road is right off of the Sawdust side of Rayford/Sawdust in The Woodlands….so, it was quite easy to find….and sure enough The Corkscrew is one big-dang trailer….there is a permanent small screened in building that houses the smoker and about 10 or so umbrella-covered picnic tables…’s off the main road so traffic noise isn’t an issue….and there is Country Music drifting through the air so any road noise is covered up by songs of drinkin’, and loosing your wife….

There were a few people sitting and eating and a couple of people waiting to order….always a good sign when there are actual people at a spot….especially at lunch time….a sure tell-tell sign that a place is gonna stink is an empty building….or in this case… empty…..patch of ground…, it was good to see others there eating and enjoying the food….

Even with it being outdoors you could smell the meat smoking…..I soooo love that smell….. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite smell between smoking meat at a BBQ joint or that smell of frying bacon first thing in the morning at a campsite…..maybe some day I’ll have a line of cologne featuring…
“Smokin’ Meat” and “Campsite Bacon”…..women might not care for those….but every guy who is a guy would love ’em…..

I made my way to the little open window/counter in the trailer and while I was waiting my turn I checked out the menu board…… looked like your typical BBQ joint menu….sandwiches and plate lunches….and the prices were about what you’d expect….I decided on my usual and when I got up to the window ordered a two meat combo….brisket and sausage…the lady behind the window asked if I wanted lean or moist brisket…..I went with moist….and for my sides I chose potato salad and cole slaw…

I took my diet coke to my table and clicked off a few pictures while I waited for my food….it was nice and overcast so the heat was not a problem… wasn’t long and they were calling me up to get my order…I walked up and instead of a plate they had everything wrapped in foil….kinda different but different can be just fine…..I took everything back to my table and un-wrapped and checked out what things looked like….looked pretty darn good…

You could see the brisket was moist, however it was pretty thinly sliced and I’m not talking about the thickness but the width…from top to bottom….but I guess that’s how they roll and even though I’m used to a bigger slice of meat if it tasted good then all would be forgiven….the sausage looked good, as well and there were onions, jalapeno and pickles wrapped up with the meat….

The sides and the sauce were in little plastic containers and the bread (2 slices of white bread) were wrapped in their own little sheet of foil…there was a little plastic sleeve that had the napkin, fork and knife included…

Being a sausage guy, my first taste was “NAKED SAUSAGE” (without any sauce)…..the casing had a nice snap and the sausage was spiced just right….I wouldn’t say this was the best I’d ever had but it was very very good….

I then cut a piece of the brisket….and I just used the plastic fork…..again “NAKED” and popped it in my mouth….this was where the game changed….this was some serious brisket….it litterally melted in my mouth…..moist beyond belief and tender isn’t an adequate enough word to describe it….I’ve had some really great brisket over the last year and I would have to put this right at the top….absolutely no sauce was required on this stuff….whatever this guy is doing to his brisket is truly an example of an Artist creating a masterpiece of meat…..

After letting myself come down off my meat-high, I dug into the potato salad….it was very good….almost a mashed potato salad….very creamy…..I then moved to the cole slaw….and it was a bit of a disappointment…..not much flavor…..I think I’d forgo the slaw next time and try the BBQ’d beans….

I sampled the pickles, onions and jalapeno and all were fresh and would have made any old school BBQ joint proud…

On my next go round I dipped my sausage into the sauce and found to be a very vinergary based sauce… it had a twang to it…..I liked it on the sausage and I thought it took away from the brisket….

As I was getting to the end of my meal the guy (the BBQ Artists) was walking around handing out samples of their featured dessert…..Apple Cobbler….now, I was trying to be good and not go down the desert aisle…..but it was only a little sample and…..what the heck…..I’ve got will power…..don’t I?

After I had wolfed down the last of the brisket I licked my fork clean and tried the Apple Cobbler…..

How evil can people be?????

Oh my lord…..this stuff was fantastic!!!!

Not sure how much butter was used but ……you could just taste the buttery goodness that ooozed from each and every bite….and before I knew it I was standing before the little window ordering a desert to go….yeah….I got will power……

As I was ordering the desert from….not really sure what word to use here……I could say the desert from Heaven….cuz it was divinely good….or I could say the desert from…..yes….Hell…..cuz it sooooooooooo tempted me off my diet…..anyhow… I was ordering I was able to talk to the cook some and offered my enthusiastic praise of his brisket…..I told him it didn’t need any sauce and he stated that that was his intention…..said he’d been working to perfect his brisket for the past few years….my response was….he had achieved brisket perfection…..

This joint is worth a stop if you’re in the area…’s worth a drive if you just wanna have some great brisket…..

If you’re like me….it’s not what the joint looks like or even if there’s a roof and some walls involved….it’s all about the “Q”….

The other joint I checked out will be covered next….stay tuned….same Fat Channel…..same Fat Time…..


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Sunday arrived and with it….The Super Bowl….and unlike last year’s game in which the Packers from Green Bay were victorious, I really didn’t have a horse in this race….I really didn’t like either team….but as most true fans of the game I was hoping for a good close game that would be worth watching in between all those crazy Super Bowl commercials…


For a lot of people the Super Bowl is a reason to get together, have a party and enjoy a lot of things besides the game….I do enjoy a good party but for some reason the Super Bowl brings out the hermit in me….especially if my Packers are involved….the first year The Wife and I were married, the Packers were playing the Broncos in the Super Bowl…..Favre vs. Elway……The Wife thought it would be a good time to have a party……have some friends over……enjoy some great food and watch the hubby’s favorite team play for the title…..

She seemed excited to be planning this big bash to watch the game….somewhere between figuring out who to invite and what to serve, I informed her that she could do as she pleased…..but….I would be watching the game elsewhere… myself…..she looked at me like I had taken a little trip around the goofy-park….I told her that because it was the Packers that I would be so nervous that: 1) I wouldn’t even really enjoy the game…and ……2) That having other people over would just make me that much more anxious….


Sorry Sweetie…..that’s how FatJoe rolls….

I spent the game in the bedroom watching while she was in the living room… it became apparent that the Packers were going to lose, she stuck her head in the door and asked, rather nervously, if she needed to lock up all the sharp objects in the house… sad as I was I reassured her that I would not be committing any life-threating acts on that particular day….

We have been to a couple of Super Bowl parties since then, but I just would rather sit at home and watch than be in a room full of people, half of whom can’t even tell you who’s playing in the big game…

At least last year I did sit in the same room with The Wife while the Pack took out the Steelers…..I paced and wouldn’t eat anything…..I know deep down somewhere that me not sitting, not eating, and wearing a particular shirt has a lot to do with the Packers winning and losing….although it didn’t seem to help much this year….even changing shirts after half-time didn’t seem to turn the Packers around…..maybe I wasn’t pacing in the right pattern around the house….

With Green Bay out of the Super Bowl this year, I at least could enjoy some food while we watched….we decided on getting some BBQ and Rudy’s was the place we headed to….since the game was later in the day we figured we could pick up something for lunch and then something to enjoy during the game….after we got home from church I was elected to go and was surprised when I got there that for being a Sunday at lunchtime, it wasn’t that crowded….


I got in line and scanned the menu board and decided for lunch I would enjoy a chopped brisket sandwich….The Wife had put in her order for a BBQ loaded baked potatoe…..for the game I went with a half of a regular sausage link and a half of a jalapeño sausage link….and then top that off with some pork ribs….I grabbed me some ‘Nanner-Puddin’ and some cobbler for The Wife….

The bags were full and smelled wonderful as I loaded them into the car and headed back home….when I got back we sat down to lunch and my chopped brisket sandwich was pretty darn good…..Rudy’s has two sauces……Regular Sauce & Sissy Sauce……the Regular has a little kick to it and is the better of the two, in my opinion…..anything that makes your nose run a little…is ok in my book….

We watched a movie between lunch and the game….not really having an interest in either team I wasn’t interested in all the pre-game hype….the movie was The Warrior…..if you liked Rocky….you’ll like this…..was good…..worth the $1.20 rental….

As the game began we snacked a little trying to wait ’till halftime to eat the rest of the Q….I sorta went back and forth on who I wanted to win….as the Giants took the 9-0 lead I was suddenly wanting the Patriots to rally and catch up….Tom Terrific worked his magic and the halftime score was 10-9…in favor of the boys from New England….

While Madonna was being carried out for her halftime show, I grabbed my sausage and ribs and after heating them up sat down to watch the one time Queen of Pop do her thing….for halftime shows it wasn’t bad…..wished she had done more of her stuff from when I was known as “Dr. Disco”…..


I dug into my food and for what it is….Chain BBQ……Rudy’s is really good…..the sausage was flavorful and the jalapeno, when dipped in the Regular sauce, brings some decent heat….the ribs were tender and had they not been sitting in my refrigerator for a few hours I’m sure they would have fallen off the bone…mixing the sauces on each bite I scarfed is all down…..

Would I ever rate Rudy’s as one of the top BBQ joints……no…..but they’re kinda hanging around that second tier….sorta in the same League as Spring Creek BBQ…..always good enough when you need a fix….

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