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July 1, 2012 5 comments

Moments after we purchased our last trinket from Elvis-land, we were looking for Memphis’ Triple D joint #3….

Admitting to BBQ-Burnout (after Tom’s & Marlowe’s), I was looking for a change of pace…and Uncle Lou’s sounded like just the ticket….Guy had boasted that Uncle Lou made some of the best fried chicken he’d ever had….and even though Guy was only batting .500 so far in Memphis (Tom’s a sure home run and Marlowe’s a weak double), I was counting on his poultry prowess…..

It took us a bit to find Uncle Lou’s and after a little driving around we discovered it was only a few blocks from Graceland…my first impression of Uncle Lou’s was that Lou had the Food Network’s logo on more things than the Food Network must have on its own home facitlities….there was a van and trailer and both sported pictures of Uncle Lou and Guy….as did the front of the joint…..Guy’s visit must have been a crowing achievement for Lou…

As we entered we found the place kinda empty but it was late for lunch and early for dinner….however, we were greeted by a very large man with a smile to match his ginormaousness….we found out his name was Juan and Juan would be taking care of us while we were at Uncle Lou’s….

Juan showed us to the counter and asked what we wanted to eat…UL’s has a varied menu and there are large boards above the counter displaying the different things you can order….burgers, wings, sandwiches and of course….the fried chicken…

Lisa was behind the counter and with Juan’s help we made our way through the types of fried chicken offered at UL’s…there are a few choices….there is Homestyle and Sweet Spicy Love….and then there is mild and hot versions of each of those…. I went with a three piece combo mixed with one Homestyle (mild) and two Sweet Spicy Love (spicy)….The Wife went with the same combo but all mild….

The sides are as varied as is the chicken….I went with the corrupted carrots (more on Corruption later) and The Wife had some cole slaw…

We found seats and sat for what ended up being  a wait….the place filled up some and there were people coming in and out getting take out….while we waited Juan entertained us and conversated (The Wife tells me this isn’t a real word….however, we’ve heard it used in two movies….) with everyone that walked in….not sure what Juan makes at UL’s but he could sell ice to Eskimo’s…..

As we waited a young woman came in and Juan introduced us to Uncle Lou’s daughter who actually manages the joint….she asked us about our trip and told us she had been in Texas just a few weeks before….she was very nice and according to Juan she’s the best manager ever…

Our food finally arrived and it looked wonderful….golden and crispy….and from the first bite….I loved UL’s fried chicken….the Homestyle was moist and as good a chicken as I’ve ever eaten….(up until that moment I would have said that the fried chicken at the Barbecue Inn was the best I’d ever had….I’m not so sure about that any more….) and the Sweet Spicy Love was over the top good…..the mild just melted in your mouth while the spicy had a very nice kick….this is chicken worth making the trip to Memphis….

The carrots were unusual looking and the first one kinda caught me off guard….carrots don’t taste like that….what I was about to find out was that the spice on the carrots was available to be put on anything….btw….I fell in love with the carrots….

The spice is called Corruption….(salt, onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, lemon pepper and other spices) and OHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS.….this stuff is beyond delicious….we sprinkled some on our chicken and it took something that was already incredible into realms where only God’s hang out….as my eyes rolled back into their sockets I noticed The Wife’s eyes sorta spinning….you can order this stuff on their web-site…..(before you do anything else….log in….and get some of this stuff)…..we brought some home and have put it on everything……popcorn, eggs, pork chops, burgers…..I bet it would be good on ice cream……

I haven’t even mentioned the Honey Buttered Biscuits… good as UL’s chicken is…the biscuits are even better… need to put anything on this pieces of heavenly bread…the honey butter gives the biscuits a flavor that fills your mouth with smiles…..

Last but least we got some strawberry/naner puddin to go….and UL didn’t let us down….we made ourselves comfortable in front of our hotel tv and divided and dug in….the naner puddin would have been wonderful by itself…..but the strawberries really added to the experience…..

I would give UL’s a 6 outta 5 stars… good at Tom’s BBQ had been….UL’s was a little better…..

Great chicken, great sides, great Corruption, great strawberry/naner puddin and great people…..

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