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September 16, 2012 1 comment

To say we saw a few 18 wheelers on the road between Memphis and Nashville would be one of the grosses (or is it “most gross”) understatementS ever uttered by mankind…..Cledus Snowman (Jerry Reed), of Smokey and the Bandit fame, would have thought he died and gone to Trucker Heaven…..


Trucks and more trucks, as far as the eye could see….I’ve never seen anything like it….there would be stretches where there weren’t any other cars…..just The Wife, me, our kinda crummy Dodge rental car and a highway full of massive transports…..

Being the smallest thing on the road made for a semi-nervous drive… by the time we got to Nashville we were kinda pooped…..and the fact that our GPS took us through an extended scenic route to our hotel, didn’t really help any…

But we arrived, no worse for wear, and after a moment or two of chilling out we began thinking about where we wanted to eat….there are a few Triple D spots in Music City, but there weren’t any very close to our hotel and we were too tired to drive into town… we grabbed the hotel restaurant list and between it and my IPAD we figured on a couple of possibliities……they were all close together so we just decided to crawl back into the car and to make a final decision  on the way… we were leaving the hotel we ran into the desk clerk taking a smoke break outside….we asked, “What’s good to eat……and close?”

He rattled off a few spots but then suggested a place called Vittles…..he said the food was down home-styled cookin’ and the prices were very reasonable….both of those sounded good to us, so off we went…

It was only about five minutes from where we were staying…we found it in a strip center….we parked and as we got inside we noticed a couple of things….one… was big…..loads of dining space……two it was kinda like a cracker barrell-light…..there were some trinkets and jars of preserves on some shelves in the entry way….


The hostess showed us to a table and when the waiter brought us some menus we gave him our drink order…..the menu was varied with all the down home-styled usuals…..chicken fried steak, chicken, meatloaf, etc…..but there were also some things like pot roast, shrimp and southern styled catfish….

I’m usually pretty good about deciding what I want pretty quick….and we all know The Wife, for all her wonderful qualities, can be ……let us say…….in-dee-cisive about ordering a meal….however, on this particular evening she was first deciding on the catfish…..I, on the other hand was torn between the pot roast and the chicken fried steak…..and it wasn’t until the waiter came back that I picked pot roast……yep…..that’s what I wanted…..pot roast….

BUT THEN…..something happened that almost never-ever-ever-never-ever happens…..

The Wife was asking what southern styled catfish was and as the waiter began telling us that it was more or less a cajun styled catfish with a little kick to it…..suddenly pot rosted began to become a distant memory….”I’ll have the same….”, I heard myself saying…..

For sides I went with black eye peas, corn nuggets, hush puppies and ambrosia salad….

For those of  you unfamiliar with what ambrosia salad is……let me fill you in….growing up on Moma’s side of the family we had Mamaw…and Mamaw was always a whiz in the kitchen….she could cook you up a mess of something that would be some of the best mess of something you ever ate….but as she got older and she became kinda limited in the kitchen, she was the designated “Ambrosia Salad (or as we called it Pink Salad), bringer….and so, I never see this concoction that I don’t think of Mamaw…’s really just pink or green jello with marshmallows, assorted fruits and sometimes nuts….but it holds a very special place in my Fat ‘Ol Heart…

The waiter left to put our order in and we reflected on our trip so far… had been a good few days…..lots of good food and the Elvis Experience to boot….

When we got our food….I must say….it looked pretty good….maybe we were in the “Very Tired” zone or maybe we had just lucked into a place that was serving good down home cookin’…..


The catfish did indeed have a bit of a cajun (or as Moma would say, a coonass) bite to it….the spice was not overwhelming but it did let you know it was there….and the portion was ginormous in nature….it was so big that The Wife halved her’s and had enough to feed The Father-In-Law, who was joining us, later that night…

The sides were all good…..the pink salad couldn’t hold a candle to Mamaw’s but was really good……the corn nuggets were hot and crispy…..the hush puppies held up the good ol’ Southern tradition…..and the corn bread was moist and buttery…..

We finished off our meal with good ol’ scratch made nanner’ puddin’…..


If you ever come across a Vittles and you’re hungry, I highly recommend stopping….the food is really good, you get lots of it and the prices won’t wipe you out….

And now for the Brisket Pics…..she’s gotten bigger and even though she knows what a pet door is for….she’s still taking advantage of the “Pee-Pads”….between all the tinkle and her sharp lil’ teeth….we have to constantly remind ourselves how cute she is and how much we love her…..


We really do love her…..we…..really…..really……..




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