As we approach the Holidays and our Christmas Break, school can be a dangerous place for someone ona diet….people are always showing up with leftovers in the form of cookies, cakes and sweets of all kinds….and I being the wonderful, giving person that I am, I would never ever want to disappoint someone and not try something they’ve brought to share……but lately I’ve been good and have avoided any food-intanglements that might make me back slide into the Dark Side…..

However on this particular morning I was talking with our new Technology Associate, Mr. Mat-ting-lee when Librarian Oneil walked up and said…..”DONUTS!!!!!!!!”



I proceeded to follow her like a starving puppy to the Teacher’s Lounge….The Teacher’s Lounge….the last refuge for today’s educator….a room that use to be smoke-filled and the smoke was so thick that you heard cussin’ but could never see who actually said what…..those days have disappeared…no one hangs out in the Teacher’s Lounge any more….the only reasons we ever stop by now days is to see if anyone has left any of those leftover goodies to be shared…

There were  six to eight boxes of sugar-coated, flakey donuts left….either there had been a bunch more boxes or….we were among the first to get there….free food never ever lasts very long with teachers…..I think we think it’s some sort of make-up system to help with our lack of pay…..whatever the reason, putting food in the lounge is like throwing raw meat in a pit of starving tigers….

Anyway…..we opened the boxes looking to see if there were any beside just plain…..no, nothing wrong with plain donuts….but if you can get something with “extras” on it….why not take that extra effort….and our toiling paid off…..CHOCOLATE COVERED DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!

We both let out little squeals of joy as the chocolataed donuts appeared…

WHAT DIET????????

Here is where the wisdom of my colleague came into play…..I was reaching for one of  the donuts at the end of the box…..I mean they’re all the same and while I wanted to  take the whole box, I was gonna be good and just take the one….but….as my fingers were mere inches away from my prize…..Librarian Oneil says….”Stop…..don’t get that one”…..I was taken aback…..did she see something crawling on this glorious donut that I didn’t see??

“What’s wrong with this one?, I asked…..

“Take one from the middle……that way you get chocolate on both sides”……

It was like someone had just revealed one of  the inner-most secrets of the universe to me….OMG….how had I missed that….all my 51 years???

I know I looked at her like Daniel-San must have looked at Mr. Miyagi when he figured out what “Wax-on…..Wax-off” really meant….


I took her advice and re-routed my fingers to one of the donuts in the middle of the box…..and sure enough…..I found a donut covered in chocolate….

At that moment Librarian Oneil was the smartest person I’d ever encountered…. since that time  she’s back to just one of my friends…..but….for a moment she had reached FatJoe Goddess Level One…..

Needless to say, the rest of the day was down hill….but I guess any day you wake up and are able to learn something….something that changes the course of your life……

It is a good day….


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